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3 Dec

Storied Velvet Makers Redaelli 1893, Bouton Renaud Join Forces

Storied Velvet Makers Redaelli 1893, Bouton Renaud Join Forces

MILAN – There are only just a few high-end velvet manufacturers left on the planet, and now two of the storied firms that provide the material to marquee fashion brands are joining forces in a capsule collection mixing their expertise.

The Italian Redaelli 1893 has linked with Lyon, France-based Bouton Renaud on a limited-edition lineup of velvets showcasing the flexibility and artistry of the material.

The outcomes are three-dimensional textiles embedding Bouton Renaud’s handicraft and Redaelli 1893’s mixture of heritage and modern techniques provided by its 19th-century looms and continued investment in recent technologies.

Named “Les Années Folles,” the gathering comprises textiles spun by the French firm, whose specialty lies in viscose and silk velvets, oftentimes jacquard. These were then handed over to Redaelli 1893, which contributed with its signature ending techniques, including textile corrosion and 3D printing, in addition to imprimè, to develop chevron patterns, floral motifs inspired by Paul Poiret, Art Deco graphics and animalier prints.

Velvet fabrics from the Redaelli 1893 and Bouton Renaud capsule collection.

“We tried to place together our know-how, to link our respective uniqueness, creating something completely recent within the velvet universe,” said Pierluigi Fusco Girard, chief executive officer of Marzotto Lab, the division of Marzotto Group that features Redaelli 1893. 

Along with being a industrial bet, the linkup speaks volumes about each corporations’ commitment to safeguarding high-end velvet production. “We joined forces to offer a recent tackle velvet and push the category [forward] in the style business,” Fusco Girard said.

“We decided to be confident in each other and never have a preconceived plan. For me the result is ideal. What we obtained is a recent thing with a recent touch, recent aspect, and recent appeal,” echoed Jean-François Renaud, president of Velours de Lyon, parent of Bouton Renaud.

He characterised the partnership as particularly timely because the category has enjoyed momentum throughout 2022.

The gathering has been almost eight months within the making and involves life two years after the entrepreneurs first discussed a possible linkup.

Incidentally, the businesses’ paths had already crossed twice, within the mid-19th century via JB Martin, a Lyon-based group that focuses on lightweight velvet and chiffon production and a detailed collaborator of each, and again within the ’90s when Redaelli 1893’s founder Alfredo Redaelli helped Bouton Renaud press on at a time when velvet production within the French textile hub was being dismantled and machines destroyed.

Expecting the gathering to cater to top luxury players, the 2 corporations will not be mapping out a large distribution plan, but relatively choosing key clients of each textile specialists to whom the gathering can be presented in mid-December. “We are able to count 10 corporations on the planet which are expected to be buying these products,” said Simone Pini, general manager at Redaelli 1893.

Velvet fabrics from the Redaelli 1893 and Bouton Renaud capsule collection.

Velvet fabrics from the Redaelli 1893 and Bouton Renaud capsule collection.

Courtesy of Redaelli 1893

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