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22 Dec

Storm Reid Takes You Inside Her Dorm Room With

Storm Reid is happily wearing many hats. The actress, budding producer, and rising sophomore on the University of Southern California isn’t only probably the most beloved characters on the insanely popular, Emmy-nominated HBO show Euphoria, but has roles within the upcoming Searching 2 alongside Nia Long, is running her own production company, A Seed & Wings, and is a full-time college student living on-campus.

We speak to her just because the 2022 Emmy nominations have been announced, and unsurprisingly, she’s elated to listen to how one aspect of her exertions is paying off professionally.

“It’s such a blessing to be a component of Euphoria typically, but to find a way to be
recognized is much more special,” Reid told ESSENCE exclusively. “I’m just really occurring the wild ride that Euphoria has taken me on the previous few

Fans have been clamoring for more of Reid as Gia Bennett, Rue’s sister who’s quietly fighting her own feelings in regards to the important character’s intense drug addiction and increasing distance from the family within the wake of their father’s death. Reid says that regardless that she’s not on the show as much as some would love, she knows that her character leaves a obligatory mark.

“I feel regardless that we don’t see Gia loads, I feel after we do see her, it’s so beautiful and so nuanced,” Reid said of her character. “She is de facto portraying the experience of an individual, a young woman moreover, that’s experiencing having a member of the family who’s going through loads battling addiction and mental illness. And she or he’s also attempting to grow up herself.”

“I feel that’s why the show is so loved since it’s relatable,” Reid continued. “And yes, it’s entertainment, so the situations are heightened. But at Euphoria‘s core, it’s to simply have progressive conversations and take a look at to bridge the disconnect between Gen Z and the older generations.”

Storm Reid Takes You Inside Her Dorm Room With Amazon
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 04: Storm Reid attends the thirteenth Annual Ladylike Women Of Excellence Awards x Fashion Show at The Beverly Hilton on June 04, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images)

While pouring her heart and soul into her character on Euphoria and shooting other film projects, Reid has been matriculating as a full-time student at USC, living on-campus and going to class each day. Between class, homework, midterms and finals, on top of modeling, events, filming and rehearsing, it’s a juggling act that may challenge even a seasoned adult, much less a 19-year-old just ending her first yr of faculty.

“I mean, it’s difficult,” Reid said of her balancing act. “I feel I discovered that if I considered every thing that I needed to do inside every week, I’d get extremely overwhelmed and feel like I couldn’t get through the week without having major anxiety. But I feel I came upon early, for my peace of mind, it really helped for me to understand that I just need to take it someday at a time and take baby steps, and provides myself grace.”

“I’m trying to perform furthering my education and just being a daily, normal teenager at college, experiencing life, but then also, running a production company and acting and being the face of brands. It becomes loads and sometimes looks like I bit off a bit of greater than I can chew,” she admits. “But, I all the time need to remind myself: I wouldn’t be ready to be doing this stuff if I couldn’t handle it.”

While juggling her newly-chosen Cinematic Arts major (for film production) and African American studies minor and her upcoming projects – she’s starring alongside Nia Long within the upcoming sequel to 2018 screenlife sleeper hit Searching, Searching 2 – Reid has turned her on-campus apartment into her personal baby blue sanctuary, as she joyfully flaunts within the launch of Amazon’s Off To College collection, a cribs-syle tour called Dorm Roomz. Have a look:

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For rising sophomore Reid, the collaboration was a no brainer.

“I all the time attempt to align myself with campaigns and types that make sense and which can be authentic to me,” she said. “The Dorm Roomz video series is a extremely cool opportunity that I got to be a component of because not only will it help launch Amazon’s Off to College collection, nevertheless it also shows a bit of little bit of my personality. My on-campus apartment plays as my sanctuary, my study hall, my entertainment space. I like entertaining and having my friends over for movie nights, or we just all pile up in my room and study.”

When it got here time to make selections of what Amazon items to fill her space with, it became pretty easy for Reid to choose. Nearly anything that got here in her favorite hue was an quick add-to-cart.

“I’m obsessive about anything baby blue. Whether I needed it or not
for my dorm room, as I used to be purchasing for my first apartment, I purchased quite a lot of
baby blue things,” she laughed. Living proof, her baby blue microwave that matches her apartment theme to a tee. “But I’m also a giant music lover and music was a giant a part of my first yr, because I feel it’s just an escape and a bit of little bit of a getaway from academics and just bringing myself back to earth a bit of bit. There was plenty of Beats purchases, quite a lot of speaker purchases. After which, after all, they’ve the essentials. The microwaves, the pencils, the things for my kitchen, and hangers. All the things that I needed, I used to be in a position to
find on Amazon.

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