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26 Apr

Tarte Just Launched a Radiant Version of Shape Tape

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Skin, the streets are saying, is in. Exhibits A through C: Gen Zers on TikTok are sharing makeup tutorials that don’t include foundation. Chloë Sevigny (a younger member of Gen X) told Allure she prefers to skip coverage products and lett the “rugged” quality of her natural skin tone stand alone. Tarte is launching Shape Tape Radiant, an extension of its best-selling concealer range that isn’t full coverage — and the lightweight, brightening product is that this Allure’s newest One to Watch honoree. That looks like loads of proof to me that we’re officially in an era of lighter, glowier makeup looks.

The unique Tarte Shape Tape is a repeat Readers’ Alternative Award winner, beloved for its long-lasting full coverage and wide shade range. And while this isn’t the primary time Tarte has added latest members to the Shape Tape family (there’s also a creamy concealer, color corrector, and brightener) having a sheerer option feels particularly exciting. Below, Allure editors break down why we’re just a bit giddy over this latest launch.

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Overview: Tarte Shape Tape Radiant Concealer

Any time a brand expands on a beloved franchise it may be a bit nerve-wracking, each for the brand and the buyer. There’s the chance that it is going to blow all previous iterations out of the water; there’s also the chance that it is going to fall far in need of its predecessors. That’s why it took three years of product development to create Tarte Shape Tape Radiant — the team knew it couldn’t disappoint. “Shape Tape is so iconic, so we just needed to dot every I and cross every T,” says Maureen Kelly, Tarte’s CEO. With this latest launch, Tarte’s head of product development and regulatory, Anna Sponaugle, says she feels there’s finally a Shape Tape for everybody.

Within the interest of not disappointing, I feel I have to again reiterate that that is not a full-coverage concealer. Even medium coverage is likely to be a bit generous: Your natural skin tone (including a few of its so-called imperfections) will absolutely show through, and that’s sort of the purpose. “It’s not going to cover your freckles or cake your face,” Sponaugle says. In a way, this concealer was made for Kelly. “I prefer to cover the things I need to cover, like my redness,” she says. “I’ve got some… I prefer to call them sun kisses, nevertheless it’s really hyperpigmentation. I prefer to cover that, but I do like my freckles to shine through.” Because the name Radiant implies, it also has a brightening effect.

Tarte Shape Tape Radiant Concealer

Philadelphia-based makeup artist Yari Lamback loves how this concealer “blends down effortlessly and becomes your second skin.” She’s been using Shape Tape Radiant for a “clean and fresh look.”

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