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10 Aug

The $32 Setting Spray That Kept Beyoncé’s Tour Makeup

I actually have an announcement to make: I saw Beyoncé perform live (cue the uncontrollable screaming). Though it has been a bit of over every week since I saw her at MetLife Stadium in Recent Jersey, I’m still (obviously) riding a high from the concert. Now I feel much more connected to Queen Bey knowing that she used the identical setting spray I did for the Renaissance Tour.

The setting spray in query is One/Size’s On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Sprayand should you were hoping to get your hands on it, don’t, a minimum of for now. In fact, the moment it was revealed that she used the setting spray — the brand shared a post on its Instagram on August 8 —  it sold out. Makeup artist Rokaelwho has been doing Bey’s tour glam for years now, used the spray for her August 6 Washington, DC show when it was raining.

It’s unclear when the spray will likely be back in stock, but when it’s, you will need to get your hands on it. Because if Beyoncé’s makeup can remain absolutely perfect despite rain and hours of singing and dancing, then it’ll definitely delay for an evening out or brunch date.

Besides Beyonce’s stamp of approval, it also has mine. Though I actually have free access to tons of beauty products, I actually purchased One/Size’s On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray the day of the concert, which clearly was a wise thing to do, on condition that it was a packed, sold-out show. I’d had my eye on the setting spray for some time because I’d heard such great reviews about it from makeup artists I follow and other people on TikTok.

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