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18 Nov

The best way to Apply Makeup to Skin With

As common as psoriasis could also be, the autoimmune condition, which generally presents as rash-like scales on the skin, poses a novel challenge for many who wear makeup. Many individuals with the flaky, pink, often-red patches psoriasis causes need to conceal the condition’s most visible symptom, but those plaques are also especially difficult to hide. Where each day makeup application could also be an afterthought for many who do not have psoriasis, those that do may not know how you can apply foundation and concealer without emphasizing the roughness of their patches or further upsetting their skin.

“Applying makeup to psoriasis is difficult because plaque psoriasis has scales that might be uncomfortable and simply irritated,” says makeup artist Dana Rae Ashburn. “You do not need to make the world look worse by piling on product. And you furthermore may don’t need to make the affected area appear much more dry.”

We spoke to Ashburn and other experts to learn the safest and simplest approach for applying makeup when you’ve gotten psoriasis so you possibly can feel confident, even during flare-ups.

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Meet the experts:
  • Shari SperlingMD, is a board-certified dermatologist based in Recent Jersey.
  • Meredith Snow is a celeb makeup artist based in Recent York City.

On this story:

How should psoriatic skin be prepped for makeup?

Complexion makeup can get caked up if applied over dry, scaly, thick, psoriatic skin, in line with Recent Jersey dermatologist Shari Sperlingwhich is why she emphasizes the importance of preparing skin for makeup. “It’s best to moisturize and use products that help to melt the skin prior to applying makeup,” she tells Allure.

Makeup artist Meredith Baraf couldn’t agree more, urging head-to-toe moisturizer application. “Be certain to offer extra like to any areas of psoriasis. You’re moisturizing to appease, soften, and hydrate your skin,” she tells Allure. “By doing this you might be also prepping your skin for seamless coverage of any areas of psoriasis.”

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