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7 Nov

The Fantastic thing about Business: A Look At Some

Iman paved the best way for Black models to chart careers in a fashion industry that has been notoriously exclusionary. She didn’t just create opportunities on the catwalk, she led by skilled example off of it as well.

In 1994, she’d managed to walk and be photographed for the world’s top designers and be deemed the world’s first Black supermodel. She’d also launched Iman Cosmetics, a group of makeup and skincare products designed for Black women. The road blew the lid off the sweetness industry, offering a spread of things where there have been none. This opened the door for a historic partnership a decade later, where in a strategic partnership with Proctor & Gamble, allowed the brand to be sold in drug stores like Walgreens and Goal globally.

Iman’s money moves opened the door for the generations ahead to exercise their power in front of the camera and within the board room. Here’s what we mean.

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