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2 Mar

The ‘Mob’ Is the Cut That Hairstylists Think Everyone

Cut That Hairstylists Think Everyone

The thing about short hair over a certain age (let’s call it 50, but that is just a gap bid — anything higher up the ladder works, too) is that it’s an important idea in theory. In any case, as hair ages, it (like our skin) becomes dehydrated, which may result in dryness, brittleness, and dullness. Hair also loses pigment, which may decrease its luster. What higher option to treatment all of that than with a big lop?

But then there’s the reality of short hair after 50. And the truth is that those of us who at the moment are 50-plus got here of age in the course of the ’80s, when 50 looked more like 80 (see: The Golden Girls). Fortunately, in line with the hairstylists we spoke to, today’s best options for the over-50 set bear no resemblance to Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, or Sophia (love them as we do). In reality, their looks were a product of weekly wash-and-sets on the salon, which few women over 50 have the time or inclination to do anymore, explains stylist Adir Abergel.

So, what does play for today’s mature woman? Looks which might be softer, versatile, and permit for some experimentation with color if desired. All of which brings us to the mid-bob, or mob, which hits on the halfway point of the neck and offers plenty of movement (and 0 wash-and-set energy) for all hair types, including curls of every kind.

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