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27 Dec

These Haircare Products Are Essential For An At Home

In Mariah Carey’s singing voice, “It’s time!” Silk Press Season has officially commenced. We’ve finally reached the a part of the yr where the cold outweighs many of the humidity, and we are able to enjoy our hair straightened for the vacations. In case your stylist is booked with no squeeze-ins, or if you desire to avoid wasting coins, it’s just as easy to do your silk press at home. 

When starting your silk press, you desire to start fresh using a shampoo that caters to your hair type and desires. In case you want your hair to be thick, go for voluminous shampoos. In case your hair needs frizz control, go for shampoos with frizz-free ingredients like jojoba or argan oils. Most of all, you desire to discover a shampoo and deep conditioner that hydrates and penetrates the scalp because you’re going to placed on heavy heat. These first two steps are critical in ensuring you’ll only cope with a bit of harm afterward. Before the blow-drying process, you’ll wish to add a heat protectant, especially should you’re going to salvage your natural curls. And while back within the day, those consisted of spritz and sprays that did more damage, discover a cream or serum-based protectant that’s lightweight and can seep into the hair somewhat than sit on top. 

Due to the Tik Tok favorite Blow Dry Brush by Revlon, you’ll be able to have a salon-worthy blowout or dry hair very quickly. Its bristle design helps to get super near the roots and get your strands as straight as possible so that you simply won’t need an excessive amount of heat together with your flat iron. Using section clips may help this process go quite a bit smoother, and when you’re done, add one other drop of your frizz-free serum to secure moisture and protection from humidity because, let’s face it, frizz is a beast of its own. 

After blow drying, the last steps are to straighten and wrap your hair or add a roller set for bombshell curls that could be left overnight or done prematurely for a night outing, and voila, your silk press is complete. We’ve rounded up our favourite products to make straightening your hair as easy as possible. And while some products yow will discover at your local beauty supply, we won’t judge if you desire to get an Amazon delivery. 

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