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17 Apr

These slimy, sticky photos have a good time feminine

“Turned on and inspired to embrace your femininity” is how Johanna Nyholm hopes you’re feeling after seeing her latest series of images. In a gooey, sticky shoot, the photographer teamed up with stylist Louise Carmel Hall, make-up artist Verity Cumming and hair stylist Carolina Crona to capture sensuality from a female perspective. 

“To be able to be certain this didn’t turn into a daily beauty shoot with flowers we desired to contrast the femininity and produce a component of oddness to the shoot,” says Nyholm. “We decided to do that by dripping and dipping the flowers in products to create this slimy, gelly and wet appearance onto Tabitha’s skin.” 

To intensify model Tabitha’s skin and body, and make it look glossy and gooey, Cumming used lots of aloe vera gel and Weleda products making a “slippery hot, wet mess”. Real flowers were then stuck to her skin to show her into, as Nyholms says, a magical and slimy flower goddess. “Tabitha also brought a component of weirdness, along with her body movements and personality which we absolutely loved.”

Photography Johanna Nyholm, styling Louise Carmel Hall, make-up Verity Cumming, hair Carolina Crona, model Tabitha Bennett

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