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25 Dec

This R+Co Dry Shampoo Is the Most Unique Formula

In the event you’re one among those individuals who get up with beautiful, TV-show-character hair every morning — congratulations. Seriously, I envy you. My hair needs a little bit TLC very first thing within the morning, so once I get up it’s straight to the sink to refresh my curls with some water after which a little bit dry shampoo to repair my oily roots. For years I have been dedicated to the classic spray formulation, but R+Co Bleu Vapor Lotion to Powder Dry Shampoo may be my recent object of affection.

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R+Co’s Vapor Lotion to Powder Dry Shampoo is a component of the brand’s blue linea capsule collection of progressive, luxurious styling products. It caught my eye when it joined the ranks as a Better of Beauty winner in our Breakthroughs category, where only essentially the most exciting beauty innovations reign supreme. Initially, I used to be skeptical. Aren’t all dry shampoos cut from the identical cloth?

The short answer: absolutely not. Because the name suggests, this formula begins as a lotion after which transforms right into a powder finish as you massage it into your scalp. During Better of Beauty testing, Hallie Feigenbaum, head of product development at R+Co, revealed that glycerin is the driving force behind this near-magical metamorphosis. “Once you apply it to roots, the glycerin flash-absorbs, forsaking just the ultrafine powders,” she previously told Allure.

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