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7 Oct

This Recent Sci-Fi Inspired Beauty Brand Is Winning Multiple

Simedar Jackson is motivated by helping others. Over the summer the esthetician launched her beauty brand, Of Other Worlds, to just do that. “I like hearing how much the product,” Light Beams, “has modified people’s skin,” she tells ESSENCE via Zoom. “And I like helping others achieve their skincare goals,” the Chicago-based skin guru adds. 

Beyond aesthetics, Jackson was empowered to create her brand because she desires to “construct more equity for marginalized beauty consumers.” Moreover, Jackson desired to make clinically proven formulas feel and look more approachable—because of fun packaging and intergalactic product names. “I’m very inspired by sci-fi, Afrofuturism, and fantasy,” she says.

This New Sci-Fi Inspired Beauty Brand Is Winning Multiple Grants– Here’s Why
Simedar Jackson.

As for Light Beams’ standout ingredients? “There are a ridiculous amount of actives within the product,” she says of the all-in-one product. But two which can be most price mentioning are oleic acid and licorice root. “They each soothe, hydrate, and brighten the skin,” she says of the ingredients that protect and repair the skin’s barrier. 

That said, it’s a no brainer that this incredible brand would receive two grants. One from Glossier and, most recently, from Tarte Cosmetics called the Tarte Labs. “I’m feeling really blessed to have gotten multiple of those,” she says. Next, you may expect to see her product in Sephora and on Sephora.com very soon. She also hopes to launch more products in the brand new 12 months. But, to this point, she’s learned “the importance of getting a robust ‘why,’” she expresses. “And that must be strong enough to get you thru the toughest times.”

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