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8 Apr

This Season’s Guide To Glitter | Essence – Essence

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When was the last time you drenched your skin in Glitter?

After the tip of fashion month, or more like “beauty” month for a few of us, we will reflect to see what beauty trends will stick—and which can fall off—as we embark upon a latest season. A trend that has been presented in many sorts, from the total body dusted in sparkles to highlights which give barely enough gleam to your day by day look, has fizzled in for, well, everyone. Perhaps a not-so-unexpected trend for the season, ultra-sparkly pearlescent textures are in.

With radiant and luminous finishes, the bubbling properties of glitter could have your skin shining all throughout the night. Because the quintessential contour for all skin tones, glitter will be applied in essentially the most refined to extravagant methods. From use as eyeshadow and foundation to full-fledged body makeup, specs of reflective particles can add any intensity of shimmer to your day by day glow.

Although glitter could also be difficult to scrub away post-application, why would you desire to when you can bask in a never-ending shimmer in even the dullest of weather? On this season’s quick guide to glitter, let yourself shine brilliant like a diamond with this guide to introduce a veil of metallic to your skin.

Try these beauty looks below for inspiration.

Harris Reed

For Harris Reed, glitter is a hairstyle. The gold-toned material is used to slick down and shape the hair in a theatrical-type glamor. With a pin-curl finish, attempt to dust your hair gel with glitter to recreate the glance through a more on a regular basis lens. Your day by day look will be paying homage to the theater, but when you don’t want glitter in your curls, try gold or silver eyeshadow and a red or black glittery lip because the makeup version.

Thom Browne

For Thom Browne, glitter is presented with a more celestial gleam. Applied on Black male models, this glitter look will be makeup for even essentially the most masculine. Painted onto the skin to take the form of gold and silver stars, in an analogous color to the aforementioned Harris Reed, the feel takes the shape of space-inspired looks. We even see glitter as essentially the most trending eyebrows out at once, pin-thin and laminated, with skinny brows painted on in gold for an “unexpected pop of otherworldly shine.”

Suggestion: Use MAC Pigment in gold, rose gold, show gold, and/or silver fog to finish the look.


A more heavy glitter hitter, Diesel drenched their models in full body paint of their version of the look. Try body oil with a shimmery finish to tap right into a more glitter-intensive style for the season. As for makeup, you can go for only a dab of glitter eyeshadow on the outer eye to juxtapose the intense with the mild. For Diesel, the feel is presented in a wide range of colours, so play with any pigment warm or cool to go with your complexion.

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