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18 Sep

TikTok Favorite Bala Bangles Are Now at Goal –

TikTok Favorite Bala Bangles Are Now at Goal –

Bala is heading to Goal. 

The fitness brand, best known for its Bala Bangles, $55, a contemporary tackle the normal ’80s ankle weight, is entering 1,382 doors nationwide with its Bala Bangles in a single and two kilos, $55, Bala Bars, $59, and Bala Bands, $35. 

“It’s been on our vision board since we launched the brand. Goal, long-term, was at all times the plan,” said Bala cofounder Natalie Holloway. “It’s a natural evolution for Bala to be in Goal especially as we give attention to expanding to more customers and expanding our product assortment.” 

While the brand has an array of other products including the Bala Beam, $109, and The Play Mat, $99, the in-store assortment was strategic.

“Bala Bangles have been the runaway hero of our company,” said Bala cofounder Maximilian Kislevitz, making them a key stock keeping unit at Goal. “With the opposite products within the assortment, they’re the suitable introductory complements to the Bangles.”

Bala redesigned its packaging in 2021 to be more eye-catching and act as an academic tool, which the team expects to drive in-store sales.

“We desired to make packaging that might frankly stand out on-shelf and embrace arguably our most defining characteristic and differentiator in color. All of the stuff that we make, from a packaging perspective, is a lighter hue of the product that’s inside it,” said Kislevitz. “It has this candy, toy-like quality to it after which the packaging is as educational as possible. We’ve got a QR code that drives you to content on our website to show folks methods to use the product.”

While stay-at-home orders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed the brand’s business, the team expects this retail launch to drive latest customer acquisition and brand awareness nationwide. In line with Holloway, the brand’s presence is most notable in major cities, including Latest York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin. 

“Being in all the other locations in the USA will really help our brand presence, and I do think it’s going to be an enormous discovery platform for Bala,” she said. 

In line with the team, Goal was a perfect partner, because it has been successful at highlighting other aspirational, direct-to-consumer brands like Flamingo and Harry’s that Bala aligns with.

“Goal is clearly stuffed with aspirational, but attainable brands, and I feel that’s really where Bala has at all times tried to play,” said Kislevitz.

Bala Bangles in Goal exclusive color “ocean.”

To have fun the launch, Bala will introduce a latest true-blue color called “ocean,” available exclusively at Goal.

The Bala team declined to share any specific sales figures regarding launch; nevertheless, WWD previously reported that the brand jumped from $2 million in sales in 2018 to $16 million in sales in 2020. At WWD’s Wellness Forum in September 2022, the team also shared it had amassed $50 million in sales over the past 4 years, on the time.

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