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2 Jan

Todd Snyder Offers Modern Tackle Classic NBA Silhouettes

Todd Snyder continues to be the king of the collaboration, and on Thursday, he extends his reach into the basketball arena through a recent partnership with the NBA.

Snyder has worked with the league on a set of fan gear for several of the most-popular teams: the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, Latest York Knicks and Golden State Warriors.

Called the Todd Snyder x NBA Courtside Collection, the limited-edition offering puts a fresh tackle the teams’ logos on French terry sweatshirts and turtlenecks, cashmere sweaters and leather varsity jackets. 

The road features looks for several teams including the Brooklyn Nets.

“I desired to create some fan gear that was sophisticated — styles that you could possibly wear to the sport and around town,” Snyder said. “The Courtside Collection is sort of a dream come true because growing up in Iowa, I played basketball daily. After I moved to Latest York through the ’80s, I fell in love with the Knicks and eventually had a hometown pro team. One in all my profession highlights was winning a design contest once I worked at The Gap to design the jerseys for the Indiana Pacers. To see them play in something you designed…that was something else.”

Amongst the important thing items are a varsity jacket that Snyder reworked in Melton wool with leather, raglan sleeves, a quilted satin lining and a leather tab on the cuffs. A cashmere cardigan includes horn buttons and bullion logo on the chest with intarsia stripes on the sleeves.

The road offers team logos on updated classic products reminiscent of cardigans.

There may be also a sweater in two-tone cashmere with satin lettering on the chest, raglan sleeves and a “Dorito” on the neck, Snyder said, designed to catch sweat and make pullovers easier to tackle and off. A crewneck sweatshirt was created in Canada in fleece with striped ribbed trim on the cuffs and hem; a French terry turtleneck, made in the identical factory in Canada, has a chenille logo patch across the chest; and a French terry hoodie has a kangaroo pocket, ribbed side panels, a double-layered hood and a chenille chest patch.

The gathering will drop on Thursday at 10 a.m. EST on the Todd Snyder retail stores and online. Retail prices include $248 for the hoodie, $258 for the sweatshirt, $268 for the turtleneck, $498 for the sweater, $528 for the cardigan and $1,500 for the varsity jacket.

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