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29 Dec

Tommy Money just went full Lady Godiva on the

Spotted: Tommy Money’s trademark pencil-thin moustache peeking out from behind masses of long, flowing chestnut locks outside the Palais de Tokyo with Michèle Lamy earlier today. 

While most individuals don their best glad rags for fashion week, Money took a distinct approach to preparing this morning. The Estonian rapper showed up on the Rick Owens SS23 show for Men’s Paris Fashion Week with plenty of hair and never much else. Channelling long-haired nude legends like Lady Godiva and Eve, Money sported long wavy locks that reached down towards his knees and a little bit nude-coloured speedo to cover his modesty. And that was it – literally, even his feet were bare, his toenails long and painted white. 

This statement look is just the most recent creative fruit to ripen from his long-standing friendship with Rick Owens, which has produced a series of projects from the 2018 track “MONA LISA”, to the 2019 exhibition The Pure and The Damned and the pair’s subsequent merch collection. Money, who has referred to himself because the ‘vibrant Rick Owens’, also modelled in Owens’ SS19 menswear show.

No word as yet what inspired the daring latest look, although this isn’t the primary time Money has referenced the sartorial stylings of the unique power couple. Last yr the rapper unveiled a wearable NFT entitled “Virginity Leaf” inspired by Adam and Eve’s fig leaf. While no fig leaves were readily available (so to talk) on this occasion, Money did carry around a big bouquet of pink and yellow flowers, the petals of which fell attractively around his feet as he moved, which blocked a big portion of his body. 

The look itself recalls a time mid-lockdown, when hair trends veered towards the long and unruly. “Kajillionaire hair”, named for Miranda July’s off-kilter rom-com, had the look of somebody who may need spent a while in a minor cult and was the results of no access to hairdressers and DIY fatigue. 

While Money no doubtedly had people talking pre-show, nothing could take the eye away from Rick Owens for long. Suitably dramatic, his latest collection was shown amidst huge flaming balls being dropped from the air – representing, naturally, the sun crashing to the bottom over and once more. Meanwhile, the garments themselves were inspired by a visit to Egypt that Owens took earlier this yr, the gathering punctuated with hot fuchsia and brilliant, banana-yellow looks, in addition to glittering iridescent ensembles. Read the complete report here.

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