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30 Sep

Top 12 Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week –

@TheeStallion/ Instagram

From face paint and sharp brows, to hair clips, we will count on our favourite celebrities to present us limitless, double tap-worthy hair and makeup inspiration. At the highest of our feed this week was Megan Thee Stallion who posted her late night pin-curls backstage before her viral performance with Beyoncé. While she screamed for queen Bey, we screamed for her look.

The curly hairstyle was also popular for other celebrities, like Keke Palmer, Keiyaa, and Halle Bailey– each with their personalized version of the look. Palmer’s were dark and thick curls, while Bailey rocked her natural locs and Keiyaa stunned with a lavender-dipped mane.

As for makeup, Doechii went abstract with free-flow shapes across her face. And, when it got here to brows, Tems and Saweetie opted for nostalgia with extra-long, straight ones, while Kelela reminded us that blonde eyebrows never went out of favor. 

Below, try 12 standout celebrity beauty moments from the week.

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