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13 Oct

Virgil Abloh’s Version of Mickey Mouse Now for Sale

The Walt Disney Co. is jumping onto the Virgil Abloh bandwagon.

Starting Thursday, Disney and Virgil Abloh Securities, the late designer’s creative company, have teamed up to supply never-before-seen artwork of Mickey Mouse as reimagined by Abloh.

Abloh’s artwork features the designer’s unique interpretation of the famous rodent printed in various colorways on a select assortment of products including sweatshirts and T-shirts for each adults and kids. Prices range from $30 to $120 and the merchandise shall be available while supplies last.

The limited-edition merchandise shall be available on the Brooklyn Museum as a part of its exhibition “Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech.” The exhibition has its own dedicated shop throughout the museum and the merchandise can even be sold online.

A kids sweatshirt.

“Virgil Abloh was a creative visionary and we’re thrilled to have the enduring Mickey Mouse immortalized through his lens,” said Tasia Filippatos, president of consumer products, games and publishing for Disney. “With this special product, we have a good time two global icons and the enduring influence they’ve each had on the art and popular culture communities.”

“Constructing on his past collaboration with Disney, Virgil brilliantly captured the joyful essence of the enduring Mickey Mouse through the unique lens of his imagination,” said Shannon Abloh, Virgil Abloh Securities president. “We’re thrilled to share Virgil’s beautiful interpretation with the world through this special limited-edition merchandise.”

“Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech” opened July 1 and features recent elements and never-before-seen objects from Abloh’s archive, presented in Brooklyn Museum’s Great Hall. It’ll run through Jan. 29.

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