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7 Sep

Vital: Billie Eilish returns to her neon roots, this

Billie Eilish has never been afraid to mess around together with her hair: she’s hopped seamlessly between bleach blonde and jet black looks, and even experimented with silver, blue, lavender shades before. Perhaps her most iconic hairstyle must be slime green roots, contrasted against black lengths, which she kept for 2 years after dyeing it in 2019.

Now, the 21-year-old artist has gone back to her old, signature look – but with a twist. On Friday, she posted a photograph on Instagram debuting neon red roots, captioned “remember me?”. Fans at Lollapalooza in Chicago caught the primary real-life glimpse of her recent look, when she headlined the primary stage on the festival on Friday night.

When Eilish first dyed her roots brilliant green in 2019, it cemented her position as a cultural lynchpin. Her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? had been released just just a few months prior, and it was quickly becoming apparent that Eilish was a singular, rare talent. Her progressive hair made her stand out, just as her resonant, ethereal music did. 

She eventually moved on from the style permanently in 2021, bleaching her hair a Marilyn-esque platinum blonde. She later suggested in her yearly interview with Vanity Fair that she’d ditched the green in a bid to stop being so recognisable. “If I’m being cautious and like not attempting to be in everybody’s faces, that’s like I can manage my way around people without them noticing, which is cool,” she said. “And my hair is blonde now. So it’s not just like the only person you’ve ever seen with green hair walking by… It’s gotten quite a bit easier.”

Eilish has opted for darker, more natural shades because the end of 2021, but now, it seems as if the singer has gone back to her roots (literally). Does this mean she’s more comfortable with fame now? Or is she making music that’s more in keeping with her old style? Many fans are speculating that this recent ‘era’ could also herald a recent album or a recent tour – but only time will tell.

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