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6 Feb

Why Consumers Are Taking a Clinical Approach to Skin Care

Prestige skincare sales proceed to rise, even with today’s global economic status, largely driven by medical-grade brands which took the skincare category to $1.7 billion in sales in 2021’s third quarter, a 14 percent increase, in accordance with data from NPD Group.

While often regarded as a distinct segment segment inside beauty, medical-grade skincare earned its place as the biggest segment of the skincare market in 2020 and continues to realize momentum. The shift toward medical grade skincare follows several years of the “clean” and “natural” brands’ skincare boom, wherein consumers pledged to avoid certain ingredients and change into more knowledgeable about what they placed on their skin.

As consumers proceed to keep up the importance of understanding skincare ingredients, they’re moving away from clean beauty and showing a preference for the scientifically proven efficacy that medical-grade skincare brands offer. Medical-grade skincare brands aim to root themselves in academic research and supply transparency concerning the ingredients utilized in their formulations.

At the identical time, consumers are increasingly drawn to the medical world as they give the impression of being to mix in-office treatments with medical-grade skincare that can help lengthen the outcomes. Medical-grade skincare brands use potent and well-researched ingredients corresponding to L-ascorbic acid, retinol, and other highly concentrated actives to supply superior results. These ingredients are only incorporated into formulas after they’ve been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy and final formulations are held to the best standards and regulations.


Medical-grade care brands’ ties to medical professionals have also elevated these products within the eyes of the discerning consumer, who’re embracing the language of science getting used. In lots of cases, as with SkinCeuticals, the number-one medical aesthetic brand worldwide, brands are founded by doctors who bring with them a long time of established research.

Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, founding father of SkinCeuticals and world-renowned dermatologist, created the brand with the idea that if something is value doing, it’s value doing well — a trait the SkinCeuticals team works to place into its products. As previously reported by WWD, Dr. Pinnell is commonly considered the “father of vitamin C” within the medical community and sweetness industry, having determined the best concentration and formulation that may ensure optimal efficacy. Up to now, SkinCeuticals has published greater than 25 antioxidant clinical studies.

The brand quickly made its mark as the sweetness industry’s antioxidant authority and has earned its place on Beauty Inc’s top ten list of the best skincare products of all time with the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum. The product is a top advice for doctors as well. Dr. Karan Sra from Houston Skin Associates told WWD the CE Ferulic “is the primary product I take advantage of after I get up within the morning and crucial to combat signs of aging and protect against environmental damage.”

Notably, in accordance with NPD’s 2022 “Premiumisation of Beauty” report, as women seek products that can give them effective results they’re increasingly choosing more premium products, like those throughout the medical-grade category. The authors of the report explained that in purchasing skincare products, consumers are “looking for higher value for money” and finding stronger formulas are probably the most effective buy.



SkinCeuticals products are also becoming known within the medical field for qualities which might be complementary to the outcomes from increasingly popular aesthetic treatments being performed in clinics. Dr. Sapra from ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery counts the brand’s Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 as a must for his patients, regarding it because the “best corrective cream available on the market” and sharing that he recommends it to all of his patients after surgery to “help with the natural dryness that happens post-op.”

The Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 formula is designed by SkinCeuticals to correct and has been clinically proven to extend the smoothness of the skin by 66 percent. Using an optimal ratio of two:4:2 of ceramides:cholesterol:fatty acids, the product works to refill essential skin lipids, restore the skin barrier and support the skin’s natural repair process. Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is a vital product to attain nourished, plump and hydrated skin to revive your natural radiance.

One other key product from SkinCeuticals is A.G.E. Interrupter, a corrective cream formulated with 30 percent proxylane, 4 percent blueberry extract and 0.2 percent phytosphingosine to visibly improve the look of advantageous lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness. Like other SkinCeuticals products, the cream is designed to work with the skin’s natural properties and might be used on normal to dry and even sensitive skin types.

A.G.E. Interrupter is a favourite of Dr. Shapiro from Thornhill Dermatology, who told WWD, “Clients are getting a heavy hitter in A.G.E. Interrupter because it is a corrective moisturizer that incorporates ingredients that improve the signs of aging.”

As with all SkinCeuticals products, there may be a love for it, Dr. Shapiro said, for its ability to do double duty and truly enhance the skin. “A little bit goes a great distance.”

SkinCeuticals continues to rank as the highest medical-grade skincare brand within the U.S. and Canada. Looking ahead, the corporate told WWD it’s enthusiastic about recent product launches coming soon.

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