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22 Dec

Zadig & Voltaire Sales Jump Amid Accelerated U.S. Push

PARIS — French contemporary brand Zadig & Voltaire’s U.S. sales skyrocketed within the third quarter, the brand reported in a trading update.

The corporate reported sales within the U.S. were up 49 percent year-over-year within the three months from July 1 to Sept. 30. The sales numbers come as the corporate has made a play to expand its footprint there, opening splashy flagships on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Madison Avenue in Recent York in October. The Madison Avenue flagship is the brand’s second store on the famed shopping street.

The brand has doubled its U.S. doors since 2017 to a complete of 38 branded stores, 27 stand-alone boutiques and 11 outlet stores across the country. Zadig & Voltaire also has corners in 27 Bloomingdale’s stores.

Sales across the EU were also strong, ringing up an extra 21.4 percent within the third quarter. The corporate also opened a flagship on this side of the pond, staking its claim in London’s recent Battersea Power Station in October.

Globally, Zadig & Voltaire reported sales are up 32 percent in the primary nine months of 2022 to Sept. 30.

The rock-chic label has been repositioning itself and emphasizing its French roots under designer Cecilia Bönström. After several seasons of showing in Recent York, it returned to to Paris for an off-calendar show in June and can proceed to indicate in its home city going forward.

The brand chalks up much of this growth to its recent branding strategy, specializing in the high end of the high street with a price point of around 350 euros to 400 euros and the aggressive expansion of its accessories offer.

“This result stems from the strong branding strategy we deployed starting June 2022 and the affirmation of our ‘effortless luxury’ status. From this start line, we engaged in putting creativity, brand popularity and visibility at the guts of Zadig & Voltaire’s strategy,” said director of communication and influence Jordan Henrion. Much of that effort has focused on TikTok, and outreach to younger consumers on social media.

The brand said global social reach has jumped 342 percent within the U.S. and 206 percent within the EU within the second half of 2022, in comparison with the identical period in 2021. The corporate aggregated numbers from ad spending in addition to social VIP and influencers of Meta, Twitter and TikTok in figures as measured by Launchmetrics and influencer marketing platform Kolsquare.

In a financial statement specified by 2021, the corporate’s focus had largely been on expansion in China. On the time chief executive officer Rémy Baume laid out an ambitious growth plan for 2022 to 2025, including a serious push in China after it bought back its stake from former partner IT Group in 2020. It opened its first revamped store in Hong Kong on June 16.

Those plans have been hampered as a result of the rolling shutdowns the country faced as a part of its now-defunct zero-COVID-19 policy.

“Given the situation in China over the past months, we’re for now specializing in Europe and America,” a spokesperson said.

The corporate will release full financial ends in January. It has scheduled its next Paris fashion show the day after the official Haute Couture week closes on Jan. 27.

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