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5 Apr

A Chocolate Vitamin Brand Is Launching at Sephora –

Something sweet is coming to Sephora.

The sweetness retailer is expanding its ingestible wellness offerings with Sourse, a chocolate complement brand.

While the brand has a variety of stock keeping units meant to have various advantages like mood boost or energy support — each available at Whole Foods — the Sephora launch will deal with its beauty options. Specifically, Sourse’s phytoceramide-infused Skin Glow Bites, $15, and the brand new Sephora exclusive, biotin-infused Hair Grow Bites, $15. 

Sourse launches Hair Grow Bites, $15, exclusively with Sephora.

While Sourse is a multibenefit complement brand, founder and chief executive officer Jenne Moore said consumer demand led to it inadvertently becoming a beauty brand, making Sephora a perfect retail partner. 

“We changed into a beauty brand because our number-one bestselling stock keeping unit has been the Skin Glow Bites,” Moore said. “For Sephora, once we were serious about retail we were considering, ‘Where can we educate consumers very well?’ They [Sephora’s team] have done this with so many skincare brands and so they have this amazing network of hundreds of beauty advisers which are there in store who can really tell people more concerning the products. We felt like education was so vital for us as a more recent format.” 

With the Sephora launch and its presence in luxury spas, like Joanna Vargas Skin Care, the brand has doubled down on its beauty-focused approach.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Sourse and proceed bringing our clients revolutionary, effective products that support their holistic beauty and wellness needs,” said Cindy Deily, vp of skincare merchandising at Sephora.

While Sephora sells a variety of ingestible formats — think Moon Juice’s powders or Hum’s gummies — Sourse will probably be the primary chocolate-based brand to enter the retailer. 

“Gummy vitamins have been available on the market for a very long time, but we’ve really done our research and proven our format, the efficacy of the chocolate,” Moore told WWD. “As a natural prebiotic, [chocolate]  helps your body to soak up nutrients effectively.” 

The vitamin pouches, which hold 15 servings each, will probably be featured in Sephora’s Minis and More section right next to the shop’s checkout counters.

Actress Sarah Hyland, known for enjoying the role of Haley Dunphy on “Modern Family,” will proceed her role at Sourse as cofounder and inventive director. Because the brand rolls out at Sephora, Hyland will probably be featured across promotional materials, specifically exclusive content for the brand new hair complement. 

While the brand didn’t share specific sales projections for the Sephora launch, it did recently close a $4 million seed round, which can go toward constructing out the team and developing future products. Moore said the brand is looking into latest formats, while remaining within the “snackable wellness” category.

Sourse launches on Sephora’s website Tuesday and will probably be available in 61 of the retailer’s top doors starting April 14, with further expansion this summer.

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