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17 Apr

Alvin Liu to Lead Tmall Fashion, Beauty, Global and

LONDON — Tmall, Alibaba’s business-to-consumer platform that has grow to be the go-to China e-commerce partner for many luxury fashion and wonder brands, can have three leaders specializing in specific industries in a fresh round of reorganization after its announcement earlier this month that the Chinese tech and retail giant will likely be split into six business units under the Alibaba umbrella. 

Alibaba confirmed with WWD that it’s seeking to restructure the Taobao Tmall Business Group after fully integrating the 2 e-commerce businesses just over a yr ago.

Under a latest framework, which has been arrange by Trudy Dai — who last April succeeded Daniel Zhang, chairman and chief executive officer of Alibaba, as legal representative of the company entities behind Taobao and Tmall — the Taobao Tmall Business Group will likely be split into three unnamed units.

The primary unit, which incorporates Taobao and a small portion of Tmall similar to pet supplies and designer toys verticals, will likely be run by Wang Hai, head of Taobao’s C2M business unit.

The second unit, which comprises most of Tmall and its subbrands like Tmall Apparel and Fashion, Tmall Beauty, Tmall Global and Tmall Luxury Pavilion, will fall under Alvin Liu, president of Alibaba’s business-to-consumer retail business group. Janet Wang, who has been answerable for Tmall Luxury Pavilion for nearly a yr, will proceed to report back to Liu.

Meanwhile, Alibaba’s community group-buy business Taocaicai will likely be managed alongside Tmall Supermarket under Liu Yiman, the present general manager of Tmall Supermarket. It can be the third unit under Dai.

Liu joined Alibaba in 2015 as general manager of Tmall Global and in 2019, he became the president of Tmall Import and Export Business Group, which was later renamed because the business-to-consumer retail business group in October 2021.

Prior to joining the tech conglomerate, Liu worked at Haier, Suning Appliance, and Metro. He holds an EMBA degree from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

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