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11 Dec

Bottega Veneta Partners With Vermont Woodworker, Brooklyn Ceramicist, More

This holiday season, Bottega Veneta is sharing its platform with 14 small scale artisanal makers all over the world, including a Vermont woodworker, a Brooklyn ceramicist and a Shanghai pasta-maker, all within the name of promoting Italian craftsmanship.

The Italian word “bottega” translates in English to workshop, and as one among the more visible bottegas, the worldwide luxury brand decided to launch the campaign to highlight smaller makers last yr. The primary iteration featured bottegas exclusively from Italy, while this yr’s expanded further afield.

On the Bottega Veneta website, in its promoting and store windows, including at Bergdorf Goodman in Recent York, the campaign incorporates a Rockledge Farm Woodworks’ ice cream scoop, made on the family- owned farm in Reading, Vermont, that’s been making kitchen tools and utensils, furniture and custom pieces because the Nineteen Thirties.

Also featured are playful and colourful ceramic bowls by Franca NYC, a manufacturer based in Brooklyn, Recent York, and founded by Jasmin de la Guardia and Sierra Yip-Bannicq, who strive to bring “lingua franca” or common language to every of their pieces.

Other items include a marbled book by book binder Ateliergk Firenze in Florence and a Je&Jo Pasta kit from the Shanghai pasta-maker run by the second generation Yu family, whose parents own the Casa Mia Italian restaurant in town.

The total number of giftable items could be seen and linked to on the Bottega Veneta website.

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