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4 Jan

Brands Hop Into 12 months of the Rabbit With

SHANGHAI — As China gets ready for the primary Chinese Latest 12 months holiday rush following the removal of COVID-19-related restrictions on Jan. 8, brands have released their 12 months of the Rabbit campaigns for the important thing gifting period.

With the country’s economy expected to experience a gentle U-shape recovery and the posh sector set to grow between 5 and 10 percent in 2023, brands are introducing Chinese Latest 12 months capsule collections with a big selection of product offerings and global retail releases as Chinese shoppers resume traveling.

In accordance with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, tourism revenue grew 4 percent year-over-year to 26.5 billion renminbi, or $3.8 billion, in the course of the 2022 Chinese Latest 12 months holiday, while a Latest 12 months travel boom is anticipated this 12 months.

Dior Men’s 12 months of the Rabbit campaign.


This 12 months, Chinese Latest 12 months falls on Jan. 22 and marks the start of the 12 months of the Rabbit, an brisk and prosperous animal that is claimed to be the luckiest of the 12 zodiac signs.

Pooky Lee, fashion curator and partner on the Shanghai-based creative agency Poptag, said Chinese Latest 12 months offers “a chance for brands and designers to exhibit their ability to make localized creative expressions of culture.”

Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci have created playful and childlike motifs of the rabbit on a spread of products, including festive and casual outfits, handbags, jewelry and a well-liked gifting item, the headscarf. 

Neither Chanel nor Hermès has released any capsules for the occasion, however the latter is running a rabbit-themed edit on its e-commerce site on the WeChat mini-program.

Balenciaga can also be noticeably missing from the festive event, possibly on account of the recent controversies about past ad campaigns. Its 12 months of Tiger campaign was well received last 12 months.

Burberry's Year of the Rabbit campaign

Burberry’s 12 months of the Rabbit campaign.


Burberry created a Chinese Latest 12 months capsule with the brand’s signature TB monogram reimagined with rabbit ears and cartoon-inspired motifs. Some are positioned back-to-back in order that the ears meet to form a heart shape while others sit atop the Burberry logo.

The gathering is accompanied by a series of short movies featuring actors Qi Xi, Shi Pengyuan, and sportswoman Zhao Lina. Images were captured by video director Zika Liu and photographer Sky.

So as to add a way of pop and fun, brands resembling Givenchy, Mulberry, Moschino and Moncler linked with famous bunny characters to create a way of nostalgia and cater to a broad audience base.

Mulberry collaborated with the Dutch bunny Miffy on a capsule collection featuring bags and accessories in Miffy’s signature orange, green and blue. Mulberry brought the gathering to life with a campaign that features cheerful models playing hide-and-seek against the backdrop of the Shanghai skyline.

Mulberry’s 12 months of the Rabbit campaign featuring Miffy.

The brand said the gathering’s “shiny color palette and playful designs encapsulate Miffy’s joyful and adventurous spirit,” while Miffy’s “youthful character” appeals to audiences globally.

“Within the short time because the collection launched, we have now already seen an important response to the collaboration, in China and across our global store and digital network,” Mulberry added.

The American popular culture character Bugs Bunny took over Moschino’s Chinese Latest 12 months collection. Moschino’s biker bag now has bunny ears while biker jackets and silk trousers are printed with Bugs wearing black tie and snacking on a carrot.

Moncler teamed with Roger Rabbit, the protagonist from Disney’s 1988 animated film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” with a campaign shot by the up-and-coming Chinese photographer Sky capturing Moncler ambassador Wang Yibo and models in a dreamlike setting.

Givenchy collaborated with one other Disney character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, for a capsule collection.

Moschino’s 12 months of the Rabbit campaign featuring Bugs Bunny.

Bottega Veneta and Prada focused less on rabbits and as an alternative created poetic narratives exploring the evolving meaning of the Chinese Latest 12 months.

For Pooky Lee, “emotionally sensitive” campaigns can further engage the younger generation of Chinese consumers who value nuanced, creative expression from brands. “It means that you just truly understand and respect the complexity of the market,” said Lee.

Bottega Veneta released a fashion film called “Reunion in Motion,” which portrays young travelers, including Chinese model Liu Wen, embarking on journeys back home. 

Echoing creative director Matthieu Blazy’s vision of setting “craft in motion,” the brand also set in motion a conventional green-skinned train that bore no brand markings, only the slogan “On the road back home, Blissful Latest 12 months.” 

Stills from Bottega Veneta’s “Reunion in Motion” fashion film.

The month-long initiative will take passengers from Shanghai to Dalian, making a special stop on the Shanhaiguan district near the Great Wall, a nod to the Italian luxury brand’s destination campaign for the 12 months of the Tiger in 2022.

Prada also took a subtle approach by specializing in creating an intimate reference to its brand ambassadors. Named “Memories of Beauty,” the campaign features Prada ambassadors Cai Xukun, Chunxia, actor Yufan Bai and model Du Juan alongside still-life images of objects resembling a record player and a pot of daffodils, which “bear witness to moments from their past.”

For Self-Portrait founder and inventive director Han Chong, celebrating traditional values resembling “unity, community and shared rituals” is just as necessary. 

The contemporary womenswear brand enlisted British Chinese photographer Alexandra Leese and Chinese stylist Audrey Hu to recreate a scene from a family banquet in wealthy colours and textures.

Self-Portrait’s Chinese Latest 12 months campaign shot by Alexandra Leese.

The gathering features designs for girls and children and includes holiday dresses inspired by the cheongsam, or qipao, within the brand’s signature guipure lace and crepe fabrics.

“That is our second Lunar Latest 12 months capsule collection, which has seen increasing popularity with our wholesale and retail partners,” said Chong. “We imagine that a part of the success is on account of our sincere yet contemporary approach, respecting traditions but in addition celebrating this necessary moment with modern sensibilities that was previously missing from the market.”

Also, keen on forging recent rituals and “cherishing day by day,” Chinese designer brand Xu Zhi created a vacation campaign featuring family and friends wearing his bunny-filled sweaters and cardigans. The designer, Daniel Xu Zhi Chen, even made a cameo himself. 

Xu Zhi’s 12 months of the Rabbit campaign featuring family and friends.

“Our ancestors celebrated the 24 solar terms and the 72 pentads, but I believe the deeper meaning of making rituals is to live within the moment, to document the love and goodwill that surrounds me, and to share that love with our customers,” said Chen.

For an additional local brand, Short Sentence, the Chinese Latest 12 months holiday celebration extends to Valentine’s Day. The brand unveiled the “I like you, too” (with “too” rhyming with the Chinese character for rabbit) campaign featuring red and pink “Mr. Bunny” sweaters and a rabbit hole-like window installation on the brand’s Shanghai store.

Short Sentence’s 12 months of the Rabbit store installation.

Short Sentence designer Lin Guan said the gathering goals to interrupt the stigma of expressing love and gratitude for relations and family members.

“The Chinese only express love and admiration in a really reserved fashion. Love shouldn’t be expressed passionately; when you achieve this to your relations, it may very well be met with embarrassment,” said Guan. “But whenever you say, ‘I like you, too,’ it’s less embarrassing.”

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