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29 Sep

Bridal Bliss: Lori And Che’s Destination Wedding In Playa

If you happen to see the identical good-looking man twice in a single week, here’s your sign that he could be your future husband.

Back in 2018, D.C. resident Lori, co-founder and head of promoting agency Pop’N Creative, had a business meeting scheduled at considered one of her favorite restaurants in the town. It was a random Tuesday night, and her bed was calling her name. Despite a desire to cancel, she decided to undergo with the dinner meeting in any case because, greater than anything, she was excited concerning the food — steaks, seafood and pasta at RPM Italian.

While meeting up along with her business partner, Che, chef and sommelier, caught her eye. It was transient because she was attempting to deal with her business meeting, but he’d quickly made an impression.

4 days later, she was asked by a friend to return to this same restaurant and this time, without hesitation, she said she’d be there. She says that was, again, due to the food, but conveniently, when she walked in, Che was the primary person she saw.

“I used to be stunned because I remembered him before and he was just as good-looking,” she tells ESSENCE. “I asked Che if he could take some photos of my girlfriend, her mom, and me, and he said, ‘In fact. Weren’t you here earlier this week?’ I sheepishly smiled, secretly elated that he remembered, and easily said, ‘Yes! You’ve got an excellent memory.’” 

Throughout the remaining of the night, Che got here around to be sure that that Lori and her party were having fun with themselves, even surprising them with a dessert they didn’t order. By the top of the evening, she hoped he’d come back around and ask for her number, but she couldn’t find him. So, she went outside, prepared to make her way home.

“I went to the valet to attend for my automotive, still secretly hoping I’d see him, and it was my luck that I saw him contemplating whether to return outside or not…and he did,” she recalls. “He formally introduced himself to me, thanked us for coming, and gave me his card. I happened to inform him that I walked to work that day so I could ‘afford’ the calories from dinner, so once I texted him later that night to say thanks for the hospitality, he responded with, ‘There are a whole lot of great restaurants in DC price walking to work for that I’d like to take you to sometime.’”

And thus began the love story of Lori and Che, which took off like a rocket from that text. By 2019 they moved in with each other; on Christmas Eve of 2020, pandemic be damned, they got engaged; and in 2022, they celebrated two major milestones: the arrival of their son James and jumping the broom.

The couple exchanged vows on the Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in front of the palm trees and Caribbean sea with the eyes of their family members (those who really love them as Lori jokes) on them. It was a celebration from the minute Che danced to his place on the altar, through to the top of the night as everyone joyously celebrated their union under twinkling lights, surrounded by gorgeous florals while sipping on speciality cocktails. This can be evident within the gorgeous images from their big day, taken by REEM Photography. Scroll all the way down to learn more about their love story, their road to the altar, and their favorite moments from their wedding celebration on this week’s Bridal Bliss.


Planner: Lemiga Events 

Venue: Grand Velas Riviera Maya 

Photographer: REEM Photography 

Videographer: Amor Amor Weddings 

DJ: 6Five 

Hair: Onye Sample

Makeup: Sharmayne Hager 

Flowers & Decor: Canteiro Weddings 

Stationery: Papered Wonders

Linens: Nuage Designs

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