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29 Sep

Countdown to Fire: Rick Ross & Meek Mill Drop



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♬ original sound – Rick Ross

“Kobe & Shaq,” is dropping on Friday and we are all here for it!. Dream Chaser and MMG are back baby! NYC’s Sirus XM and Flex gave us a taste of that Hip Hop, Hip Hop; and I was fortunate enough to be scrolling through Tiktok when I bucked up on the video above, and I went from being off for the evening to back at my desk writing this article. Based on the little I heard yup its another banger! All I heard was “I got that Archie Buncker” and while it snows in Queens you know how New Yorker’s do when you reference their borough in anyway!

So we are on the count down to get the new blick and if the enegry in the Sirus XM studio was any indication of what is to come dame! These two just keep making hip hop history over and over again legendary like Kobe & Shaq. Stay tuned for the new release on Friday.



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