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3 Apr

Brunello Cucinelli Desires to Help Beautify Artisan Workspaces

MILAN — Italian fashion entrepreneurs have been increasingly protective of their suppliers, investing within the small- and medium-sized corporations that make up the pipeline — ever so vital to the Made in Italy production.

Brunello Cucinelli has taken things one step further by launching a latest project that’s geared toward beautifying the working spaces of the artisans within the pipeline that create the products for his namesake company.

Cucinelli has long voiced his belief within the importance of working in beautiful factories, where “seeing the sky is inspiring, not a drawback,” he has often said.

Beautiful working spaces contribute to the dignity of labor and on this vein, on Monday he revealed that he had signed an agreement with BNL BNP Paribas for the project called “Beautifying working spaces,”  which is able to allow artisans to enhance their working conditions.

As per the agreement, Cucinelli and BNL BNP Paribas will provide small- and medium-sized corporations with projects, help them complete them and offer a financial support at facilitated and dedicated conditions.

The bank will collaborate with specialized contractors that may find a way to guage the projects and provide revolutionary and efficient solutions.

BNL through its controlled Artigiancassa can even offer a consultancy service for access to the financing, which can be linked to the PNNR [National Recovery and Resilience Plan] funds.

Cucinelli chief executive officer Riccardo Stefanelli said that this agreement is “in continuity with our commitment in favor of the well-being of staff,” noting that in Solomeo, where the corporate is headquartered, “we have now at all times worked trying to advertise the culture of the gorgeous factory and this agreement is supposed to increase this beauty to our pipeline.”

It’s in the identical vein as Cucinelli’s dedication to the protection and promotion of the artisanal work, “aware that the objects are noble and delightful provided that the locations where our exceptional artisans operate are also beautiful,” said Stefanelli.

The agreement can also be in keeping with Cucinelli’s concept of humanistic capitalism and sustainability, meant to generate a positive social and environmental impact on the territory, and “our constant need for cultural and spiritual growth, which has at all times been our North Star,” he offered.  

Maria Elena Gasparroni, director of the company banking division of BNL BNP Paribas, said the agreement expresses concretely how banks and corporations can “cooperate virtuously, activating economy and finance in a sustainable way on the service of corporations, the pipeline and the local communities, on this case of the Umbrian territory [the region where Solomeo is based].”

The project “targets human capital within the conviction that individuals are central within the work and production and their well-being is a competitive lever,” she concluded.

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