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3 Apr

Jergens’ Beloved Cherry Almond Lotion Is Now Available in

It began as an April Fools’ joke. That was the impetus for the Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Perfume. In keeping with Stephanie Kimutis, senior brand manager for Jergens skincare, when the brand teased the thought of bottling their beloved body lotion’s scent as a goof in 2021, “People went wild for it within the comments and so they were slightly bit upset that it wasn’t real, so we said, ‘Hey, let’s look into actually doing this.’”

Since Jergens doesn’t traditionally manufacture fragrances, they decided to check a small run last yr with 1,000 units as giveaways on Instagram. Seems, there are way more Cherry Almond fans — and so they weren’t all satisfied. “There have been so many comments like, ‘Please, just let me buy it.’ ‘I don’t desire to do your giveaway.’ ‘I never win.’ ‘It jogs my memory of my mom and my grandmother.’ ‘It is so special to me,’” says Kimutis. The pressure eventually worked. “It was obvious, we would have liked to do that and make it available,” she says. And as of today, a limited-edition Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Perfume is accessible for $31 at jergens.com.

Jergens first released its Original Scent Cherry Almond Dry Skin Moisturizer back in 1901, and the choice to pair cherry and almond was intentional. “The almond got here in because the lead profit for really soft hands after which they tested 4 different floral sorts of fragrances that worked best with the almond, in order that’s where cherry got here from,” says Kimutis.

Bella Geraci / Courtesy of Brand

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