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3 Dec

Cropped Haircuts for Women Are Trending for Models, Celebrities

A growing cohort of models and celebrities are eschewing looser, longer tresses for shorter crops, starting from the buzzed variety to above-the-ear pixie cuts.

Adir Abergel, the stylist behind the hair evolutions of Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Sharon Stone, has seen interest heighten amongst his own clientele.

“I’ve been doing so many more short haircuts recently, which is shocking,” he said. “It will probably add a superb edge, it will possibly highlight a whole lot of features in your face, like making your eyes greater.”

Abergel acknowledged that shorter haircuts are sometimes higher maintenance — that’s where he sees probably the most opportunity to play. “They lose their shape easily, however the fun part is that in addition they transform and grow to be other things inside the time they’re growing out. You get to have a good time through different lengths,” he said. On runways, slicked pixies made appearances at Ferragamo; those of the bleached variety popped up at Chloé and Gabriela Hearst. Recent celebrities which have gone short include Dixie D’Amelio and Iris Law.

“You possibly can really change the short haircut by changing your hair color. It’s an enormous factor,” Abergel continued. “Color shifts the whole lot so quickly.”

Here, runway looks taking advantage of the short-haired trend.

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