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12 Aug

D.S. & Durga Introduces Tennis-themed Fragrance Ahead of U.S.

D.S. & Durga’s next serve is a limited-edition, tennis-themed fragrance.

Launching Tuesday ahead of the U.S. Open, Crush Balls retails for $280 for a 50-ml. bottle and features notes of green grass, rosemarin, white cotton and hedge flowers.

“There’s something so inexplicable concerning the feeling of just smashing a ball with a racket versus, say, throwing a ball hard or hitting one with a bat — you might have to be so good at baseball to try this,” said D.S. & Durga cofounder David Moltz, who’s more of a racquetball guy himself (the courts in Bed-Stuy’s Herbert Von King Park are his go-to spot) but whose wife and cofounder Kavi Moltz hails from a tennis family.

“I’ve desired to do a tennis-themed scent for a very long time now,” said Moltz, whose earliest iterations of Crush Balls have occupied shelf space in his office for the higher a part of a decade. “It never was exactly the proper time to place it out, it was at all times like ‘I don’t need one other green, fresh fragrance in our line.’”

Annually, D.S. & Durga introduces two latest fragrances — one within the spring and one other in the autumn. Over the past few years, though, the brand has found success incorporating smaller, 500-bottle drops into its mix to generate buzz and in addition “let our freak flag fly just a little bit without worrying about investing on a regular basis, money and resources of our team into a significant global launch,” Moltz said.

Before Crush Balls, the brand’s limited-edition fragrances included its 2020 Rockaway Beach scent inspired by the ocean coast of Queens, Recent York, and Pistachio, which began as a 100-bottle run in 2022 but became a everlasting addition to the road this past January as a result of high demand. “It’s been our most successful launch of all time,” Moltz said.

Crush Balls can be available direct-to-consumer on the brand’s three stand-alone stores in Recent York’s SoHo and Brooklyn and Venice Beach, California. Later this fall, the brand will open its fourth outpost on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

“Retail is so essential to us — it’s at all times been profitable,” said Moltz, noting a lot of the brand’s limited-edition fragrances are exclusive to its stand-alone stores, where the remainder of the lineup is at retailers Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. “Once you’re bottled at a department store next to other brands, it takes a number of investment to compete in that way, where we control our own destiny with our stores and our [website].”

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