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16 Oct

Emi Jay Releases First Hairstyling Product With Smoothing Balm –

Emi Jay Releases First Hairstyling Product With Smoothing Balm –

Emi Jay is expanding into the hair care category with its first styling product.

The 15-year-old hair accessories label is introducing Angelstick, which is a styling balm that may be applied directly on the scalp and hairline to focus on flyaways. The product can be available for purchase starting Tuesday for $38 on Emi Jay’s website.

“We’ve been within the hair accessories business for 15 years and it form of felt like a natural direction for us,” said Emi Jay founder Julianne Goldmark. “It was something that was form of all the time on my mind, but I wasn’t one hundred pc sure. Lots of our customers had requested some form of styling product to assist their day-to-day hairstyles and make on-the-go hair somewhat bit easier, so Angelstick was born. It’s a hair-smoothing balm, so obviously it aids the hair accessories a bit and just makes styling more simplified.” 

The vegan formula is developed with caster seed oil, sunflower seed wax, candelilla wax, murumuru butter and vitamin E, that are said to make the product protect the hair follicles, absorb into the skin and add moisture.

Goldmark explained Angelstick was roughly two years within the making and is the primary of other hair care products the brand plans to introduce within the near future. She stated, nevertheless, the brand’s focus will remain hair accessories.

“Our primary priority and our bread and butter are hair accessories,” she said. “For future collections, we’re not diving into full hair care necessarily, but we’ve some beautiful formulas that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years which might be just to reinforce your hair routine and your hair essentials on a day-to-day basis, versus full-on hair care, so I definitely think that we’d do some more products that go together with the accessories.” 

That is Emi Jay’s latest category expansion. In April 2022, the brand expanded its hair accessories offerings to incorporate hairbrushes, makeup clips, headbands and scrunchies. Emi Jay has change into known for its popular claw clips, which the brand produces in virtually every colorway. The brand has teamed with many others for claw clip collaboration, similar to Juicy Couture, Frankies Bikinis, Djerf Avenue, Sterling Frasier and others. 

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