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22 Aug

Exclusive: Glossier Leading In Inclusive Beauty With WNBA …


In a groundbreaking move that intertwines sports and wonder, Glossier has solidified its position because the Women’s National Basketball Association’s (WNBA) first and exclusive beauty partner. The partnership that originally began in 2020, with a campaign to have fun the extension of Glossier’s Body Hero line, has evolved in a recent and large way that extends beyond cosmetics and into the realms of empowerment, representation, and shared values.

The news of the partnership comes shortly after Glossier announced its recent STRETCH fluid foundation and concealers. “Initially we were hoping to team up with a couple of players and as a substitute this transformed right into a full-fledged partnership with the league: Glossier is the WNBA’s first-ever beauty partner,” said Glossier’s Global Head of Corporate and Consumer Communications Veronika Ullmer. “After we take into consideration who a ‘Body Hero’ will be, there are such a lot of amazing forms of individuals who fit that criteria, but the ladies of the WNBA stuck out to us with their talent, brilliance, and tenacity on and off the court.”

Glossier’s partnership with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has flourished right into a multifaceted engagement that highlights the strength and values shared by each Glossier and the WNBA players.

The partnership has integrated the international beauty brand into the WNBA’s environment, with courtside signage making a visible presence during games. Yet, the collaboration extends far beyond the surface. Glossier has also launched into a journey to attach with players and teams on a private level. 

“They’re unafraid to get up for what they imagine in, they’re advocating for equity in sports, they usually are incredibly talented individuals with stories to inform,”  Ullmer continued. “Three years later, we now have courtside signage on the WNBA games with our signature motto ‘You Look Good,’ we work with players on content opportunities all year long, seed and gift products to them, and are always finding recent ways to support the good work they’re leading.”

This collaboration includes partnerships aimed toward creating compelling content that resonates with fans and players alike. Players like Izzy Harrison, power forward for the Chicago Sky, is comfortable to see, and says it’s long overdue. Off the court, she’s a real connoisseur of beauty and skincare, which makes this partnership especially resonant for her. 

Glossier Leading In Inclusive Beauty With WNBA Partnership

“I feel that oftentimes when people take into consideration WNBA or really most ladies’s sports, we don’t often discuss beauty, and I feel like I normally stand out in that aspect. I do wish to discuss beauty and fashion and just lifestyle that I feel like get neglected,” Harrison told ESSENCE. “After I saw that the league finally partnered with Glossier, I used to be like, oh my god, that is my time to shine. At that time, they weren’t partnering with too many athletes, but now for it to be like an entire league wide partnership, I believe people can finally see the dualities of girls [who] are working, getting within the gym, but in addition just the softer side and just taking good care of yourself to look good in your day after day. I believe glossier is an ideal brand to form of emphasize that inside athletes.”

Harrison’s game day glam includes toner, sunscreen, and the Glossier Futuredew. One the times she wants a bit more, she’ll clean up her brows and add some under eye concealer, like Glossier’s STRETCH products for a bit extra when the cameras are on. It’s something her mother taught her when she was younger. 

“She had this huge vanity in her bathroom and I used to should walk through to get to the restroom, and I’d walk by her vanity and I’d see all these creams on lipsticks and perfumes,” Harrison said of her mother. “I’d go in there and make my very own potions. I didn’t understand how much it cost. I don’t even know if she was using it or not. However it was just something that I saw her do each day that I desired to implement into my very own beauty routine.”

Much to Harrison’s pleasure, a very noteworthy aspect of this partnership is the exchange of products between Glossier and WNBA players. The sweetness brand has taken an lively role in enhancing the players’ experiences by seeding and gifting its products, nurturing a way of unity and camaraderie. This not only fosters a way of belonging but in addition emphasizes the real connection between Glossier and the WNBA community. 

As the sweetness industry continues to evolve, Glossier positions itself on the proper side of history by being among the many select brands that practice inclusivity in each their products and social responsibility. The league, which is predominantly composed of Black women, makes the partnership that rather more special, because Glossier’s products are inclusive across all skin colours and kinds. 

“Glossier’s vision is to alter how the world sees beauty, and a technique that involves life is thru our commitment to creative inclusive products and showcasing diversity in our campaigns. Complexion products are the way you immediately communicate to your customer that you just see them and are due to this fact, for them,” said Ullmer. “While we don’t imagine in inclusion as an ‘end state,’ there may be at all times room to grow and there may be at all times more work to be done. Now we have spent an incredible deal of time ensuring our Stretch lineup is inclusive with 32 shades across 7 shade families and 5 different undertones.”

Behind this modern partnership lies Glossier’s inspiration drawn from the very character of WNBA players. For years, these athletes have stood as strong voices not only for his or her physical achievements on the court but in addition for his or her unyielding mental fortitude and unwavering commitment to their values, from protesting the expansive wage gap for ladies basketball players and police brutality across the nation

In a world where representation and empowerment are paramount, Glossier’s collaboration with the WNBA is a beacon of progress. The partnership is a testament to the sweetness brand’s commitment to celebrating diversity, strength, and individuality. 

Glossier acknowledges the powerful role these players play in shaping societal perceptions, championing the importance of self-expression and self-confidence. By intertwining the worlds of beauty and athletics, Glossier is celebrating the holistic identity of those athletes, recognizing their mental, physical, and spiritual skills.

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