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5 Jan

Face-to face work meetings: Are they really invaluable?

Many Recent Jersey firms are still allowing employees to work part-time from home, but they do want at the least some face-to-face contact to happen within the office.

Tom Bracken, the president and CEO of the Recent Jersey Chamber of Commerce, believes Zoom meetings can sometimes be appropriate but there may be a hunger for face-to-face interactions within the business community.

“I actually have been to more in-person events, parties, meetings within the last month than I can remember being squeezed into anyone month in lots of, a few years,” he said.

It is vital

He said across the Garden State, many business people understand the worth of face-to-face interactions, and from what he’s heard and seen “the meetings have been well populated, individuals are very anxious to be meeting with one another and talking with one another.”

Michele Siekerka, the president and CEO of the Recent Jersey Business and Industry Association, said “being in a room with decision makers, where you possibly can feel energy, where you possibly can see body language which you could’t see in a single dimension continues to be vital.”

co-workers in office

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She identified that company managers and managers are taking a look at “when is the correct time to have an efficiency, a Zoom or one-dimensional meeting, and what’s the correct time to point out up in person, since it is that exact transaction or relationship that requires it to be in person.”

Younger staff like virtual

Siekerka said staff of their 20s and 30s could also be perfectly joyful sticking with Zoom or Teams because “they don’t know the rest and so they were brought up functioning in it, nevertheless other generations know the importance of being in a room with someone, shaking a hand, the sidebar discussion.”

Bracken agreed many younger staff are accustomed to conducting business transactions online but he stressed having them involved in additional face-to-face meetings “will change the attitude from I only wish to have a Zoom meeting versus I now see the importance of in-person meetings.”

Bracken also identified that having employees back within the office at the least among the time can be useful to many nearby mom-and-pop businesses because staff will do some shopping or exit to eat during their lunch hours and support those businesses.

David Matthau is a reporter for Recent Jersey 101.5. You’ll be able to reach him at david.matthau@townsquaremedia.com

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