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8 Sep

For Black Women Entrepreneurs, Self-Care Is Not A Luxury;

Carving out time for wellness in today’s hustle culture shouldn’t be easy. Especially while you’re running a multi-million dollar company with employees, product launches and a never-ending to-do list.

Though self-care may feel like a luxury, business women Beatrice Dixon, CEO, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The Honey Pot, and Melissa Butler, CEO of The Lip Bar, say it’s a necessity. On the 2022 ESSENCE Fest Beauty Carnival, the 2 bosses and friends sat down for a candid conversation about reclaiming their wellness and the tools they use to replenish themselves.

Read below for a few of our favourite takeaways from the talk.

“When you’ve got that title CEO behind your name, it comes with a variety of responsibilities. It’s a requirement so that you can take a step back and say, ‘When am I unable to offer my best?’ and be okay with that. So you possibly can let the people around you already know, ‘Hey, I could not give you the chance to indicate up the way in which you would like me to, but that is what I can do.” –Melissa

“I do a variety of work. Once I’m actually home, I get oxygen therapy, I’m going to the chiropractor, I actually have an esoteric therapist, I actually have a clinical therapist. I get quiet. I’m not the perfect at journaling, but I do know tips on how to sit down and meditate. I take advantage of gong meditation since it’s easier to meditate with that.” –Beatrice

For Black Women Entrepreneurs, Self-Care Is Not A Luxury; It’s A Necessity

“Once I know that I’m not at 100%, I take a pause. I take that pause and I say, it’s okay to feel nevertheless you’re feeling and I acknowledge that. Then, I journal. I determine how that pain or trauma is showing up in my body. I meditate, I pull cards, I stare on the moon, I hug trees. I do the entire things that make me feel whole.” -Melissa

“Sometimes, I’m okay with just being sad. Being a founder may be very lonely. Since it’s hard to offer of yourself and to offer to everybody else. I’m a pacesetter in my business. I’m a pacesetter in my family, in my relationships and friendships. That’s loads. And I feel I’ve just given grace to myself. I can only do what I can do.” – Beatrice

For Black Women Entrepreneurs, Self-Care Is Not A Luxury; It’s A Necessity

“At any time when I’m feeling down, I take stock of what I actually have eaten. Sugar brings me down. Sugar causes brain fog and makes it rather more difficult for you to truly meditate. So after I’m really attempting to recover from something, I’ll start figuring out more. I’ll attempt to eat as clean as possible because then I’m in a position to deal with my truth and my purpose in order that I can show up as the perfect version of me.”- Melissa

“You possibly can’t serve everybody, you simply can’t.” –Beatrice

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