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  • @laurenlhale

    ‼️This will change how you think about makeup as you age👇🏼👇🏼

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    ✨In my 20’s and even 30’s dramatic eyebrows, heavier makeup and eyeliner were my jam. I loved experimenting with makeup and still do, but as we age going more natural can give a more youthful appearance

    Here’s how I have changed doing my brows as I’ve aged⬇️

    1️⃣ using a lighter color vs a darker color to fill in my brows. This makes the eye area ( where many of us are hooding) look less heavy and open.
    2️⃣Only filling in the areas I am more sparse instead of lining the eyebrow as one big line.
    3️⃣Keeping my tail of the brow in line with the edge of my eye. Pulling it down too far can make the eye look droopy and heavy.
    4️⃣Using a wax to lift and shape the brow after filling it in gives a lifted look
    5️⃣using a highlighter or concealer to brighten just under the arch of the brow gives a lift. As we age, a lot of us are losing our arch, so putting a little brightness there gives the illusion of a lift.

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    Products used:
    @benefitcosmetics brow
    @anastasia brow whiz in soft brown

    Comment LINK for my favorite brow products!

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    April 2, 2024 at 9:16 am