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2 Apr

Il Makiage Parent Company Launches SpoiledChild Wellness Brand

Oddity, the parent company behind Il Makiage, has made its second strike in beauty.

The corporate, which counts strong technological capabilities as its key differentiator, is launching its second brand on Wednesday. Called SpoiledChild, the brand will launch directly on its website with 17 refillable stock keeping units across hair care and skincare, priced from $45 to $95.

SpoiledChild marks Oddity’s pivot to a multibrand beauty business, with it only sharing management and technology with Il Makiage. “The one thing that’s shared between Il Makiage and SpoiledChild is the tech side, and the tech team provides services to construct each brands,” said Oran Holtzman, Oddity’s chief executive officer. “We launched Il Makiage in 2018 as a d-to-c beauty brand, and three to 4 years later, we still see a web-based business with 95 percent of our revenue coming from Ilmakiage.com.”

Much like Il Makiage’s tech-driven value proposition, SpoiledChild consumers on the web site fill out a brief quiz on skin concerns and lifestyle aspects to find out which products alleviate myriad concerns. “Consumers are only overwhelmed. You understand you would like wellness products, you already know your needs, but there’s tens of millions of products on the market so it’s hard to know what’s best for you,” said Suzanne Fitzpatrick, SpoiledChild’s co-general manager.

Although the products already cover a whole lot of bases, expansion into supplements is within the pipeline. “It’s a web-based, multicategory wellness brand. We’re starting with hair and skin topical products after which launching supplements very soon after. It’s in a patented, refillable design, and it’s truly to enable that customized experience within the wellness category,” Fitzpatrick said. “Tell us about you, and we’ll inform you what products will encompass your whole profile to present you the proper products across beauty, hair, skin and supplements. This will be whether you’re 25 or 55 — it’s really that multicategory holistic solution.”

The approach has worked for Oddity before. As reported by WWD, the corporate saw $25 million in revenue for Il Makiage’s first 12 months, reaching $268 million last 12 months. Although the corporate didn’t comment on sales expectations for SpoiledChild, industry sources estimated revenues could span from $20 million to $50 million for its first 12 months available on the market.

The features of SpoiledChild’s website, equivalent to its quiz, are supported by SpoiledBrain, an AI-fueled backbone to its product recommendations, which took 50,000 hours to develop with the remainder of the web site.

“Fifty percent of consumers aren’t purchasing just because they don’t know what products to purchase. For us, this was a really clear indicator that we would have liked to have a greater strategy to provide consumers with answers about what wellness products would work for them,” said Laura Sluyter, SpoiledChild’s co-general manager. “We put over 50,000 hours into constructing SpoiledBrain and our overall online experience. Those hours are coming from our tech team. What’s so genius in regards to the consequence is that it provides consumers each a greater experience, and in addition a greater consequence.”

Despite the scale of the launch, Holtzman said consumers can still expect more brands on accelerated timelines, based on Oddity’s larger technique to discover industry pain points and quickly incubate brands to fulfill those needs. “With the 25 million unique users that we have already got from Il Makiage, we’re simply unlocking distribution for beauty online,” he said. “Our strategy is to proceed to launch a recent brand every 18 months.”


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