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21 Sep

Hailey Bieber Talks Rhode’s Latest Category and European Expansion

LONDON — It’s been a busy nine months for Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand Rhode, which she went direct with in June 2022.

This yr, she launched within the U.K. with an easy sell out collection of the serum, a moisturizer and a lip treatment all under 30 kilos; she introduced a facial essence to mark the anniversary of her brand, and brought out a limited-edition of the lip peptide treatment inspired by Krispy Kreme’s strawberry glazed donut.

The 26-year-old is now able to enterprise right into a recent category — color — with 4 tinted versions of the peptide treatment to coincide with Rhode’s European expansion.

“I really like correlating all the things to food and various things,” Bieber said in an interview from sunny Los Angeles.

The shades are named ribbon, toast, raspberry jelly and espresso. The primary is a fragile shade of pink that’s a subtle hint to her past as a ballet dancer and the pointe shoes she used to wear; meanwhile, the remainder are a nod to her day-to-day activities, from eating toast with jelly to drinking coffee, which she only has one cup of a day.

The choice to begin with the lip treatment was a natural progression.

“It makes lots of sense since it’s an existing formula that we have already got and as we expand, I need it to all the time feel prefer it’s a high rate of skincare and makeup that’s enhancing your natural features and skin,” said Bieber, who is ready on ensuring that her brand is recognized as a skin-first brand.

As soon as she began working along with her labs, she had plotted the concept of what her products would seem like in the event that they were to maneuver into the colour category.

Bieber, a self-proclaimed formula-head, delves into the making of the product from start to complete. She understood that adding color to the lip treatments would end in changing the formula, which is why she opted for them to be unscented.

“I didn’t want us to begin being overwhelmed with the smells. I need it to feel a bit bit different than the regular peptide treatment,” she said, suggesting that for a little bit of scent, it ought to be layered with the scented peptide treatments.

“That is the drop for fall and winter colours, although they will work for any season. I feel prefer it is sweet to have these berry, brown and beige shades. I swear I wear a distinct one each day,” she added, stating that she was wearing the espresso shade.

Hailey Bieber rhode

Hailey Bieber for Rhode


As Rhode readies itself for the remainder of Europe, she desired to treat her customers with “something recent they will get their hands on.” 

Feedback is an area that she has been monitoring behind the scenes. She reveals that probably the most dedicated fans of the brand have managed to get their hands on her products irrespective of the hurdles in place.

The Rhode lip treatment is on pace to sell 1,000,000 this month, it’s been their top-selling product since launch and has generated 6,300 reviews giving the product five stars. The whole waitlist for the product have totaled to 570,000.

“Some will get a P.O. box in America, get it sent there after which someone ships it to them. People have been super committed, so I actually appreciate that,” Bieber said with a smile.

Brand accessibility is a key pillar to the Rhode strategy and with the massive fan base, it has allowed the corporate to order larger quantities and reduce costs.

Bieber is open and hopeful in regards to the way forward for her brand. She desires to partner with a retailer in some unspecified time in the future to provide her customers even easier access to her products.

“That’s definitely a part of the plan going forward. I need it to be really thoughtful and really planned out. I see us doing a pop-up in the following yr perhaps as that’s a fun solution to interact with people, chat to them and to speak in regards to the products with them,” she said.

Hailey Bieber for Rhode

Hailey Bieber for Rhode


Bieber credits Rhode with teaching her the ins and outs of constructing a business. She explains that the brand has turn out to be the subject of her on a regular basis conversations, from considering of latest products, discussing development ideas to the marketing side.

She was recently named in WWD x Beauty Inc x FN’s Women in Power list for her beauty brand and the Rhode Futures Foundation, which met its goal of supporting 1,000 women and their families by 2023. That entails donating not less than 1 percent of sales to different organizations that provide women of color with resources needed to “direct their very own futures,” based on its website.

“My biggest advice could be, as women, I feel like our intuition and our gut is so powerful. Listening to your gut is all the time really essential when constructing a business because there’s been multiple times where I’ve needed to fight to do what my gut was telling me when other people potentially didn’t agree,” Bieber said.

In an interview earlier this yr, Melanie Bender, chief executive officer of Rhode, told WWD that the brand “crossed the eight-figure threshold over a six-month period with just 11 days of selling. We’re getting into there and making big orders for a young brand like us, which then lets us tap into more of those cost efficiencies that you usually don’t get until you’re perhaps a L’Oréal or Estée Lauder.”

Bender said the brand has had international reach from the get-go — it launched within the U.S. in June last yr followed by Canada, and the U.K.

“About 50 percent of our traffic comes from outside the U.S. despite not likely doing any energetic marketing in those international markets,” Bender said.

“India is one which I’m particularly enthusiastic about due to what an enormous and growing beauty economy it’s. It’s our number-two international source of traffic after Canada,” she added.

The road for Rhode is just getting larger.

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