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23 Sep

JP Morgan Launches Million Dollar Fund To Support Single

Over the past three a long time, more single women have change into heads of households.

While that’s a testament to the strength of a girl, organizations have recognized that many may benefit from support, resulting in higher qualities of each the mother and child.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management understands this. Earlier this month, the financial institution announced a $1 million dollar commitment to support underserved students in addition to to support single moms through Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, Latest York and Lee College in Houston, Texas.

This is part of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s February 2021 commitment to make a donate 12.5% of its annual gross revenue received from the management fees to the Empower Community Development Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund aiming to bolster community development and narrow the racial and gender wealth gap.

“We launched Empowering Change in 2021 to attach institutional investors and diverse financial institutions to drive systemic change inside underserved communities, and we’re incredibly proud to be committing $1 million as this system’s first annual donation to further this mission in collaboration with these long-standing partner organizations,” said Paula Stibbe, Head of Global Liquidity, Client at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

In partnership with the United Negro College Fund, this system may also give attention to supporting single women who’re college though the Women on the Move Hardship Fund grant program. The trouble is described by J.P. Morgan as an effort that supports three separate activations: UNCF; Youth Guidance; and supporting single moms in select NYC-area community colleges.

In a news release, UNCF’s EVP and chief development officer, Maurice E. Jenkins, Jr. said, “UNCF is immensely grateful to JPMorgan Chase for its leadership and stellar support in helping students from underserved communities achieve their dreams of going to and thru college by providing emergency funding assistance at a time once they need it probably the most. The financial gifts are making an amazing difference within the lives of those students.”

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