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1 May

Lululemon to Swap ‘Dupe’ Leggings for Align Ones

Lululemon wants everyone to have a pair of its Align leggings.

Guests who attend a pop-up that Lululemon is hosting with their dupes can leave wearing Lululemon’s Align pants. The brand will host its first experiential event to tackle “dupe culture” with the Align Leggings Dupe Swap being held May 6 and seven in Los Angeles.

Lululemon is inviting guests to trade up and swap their dupes for the true thing, once they come to the pop-up store at L.A.’s Westfield Century City Mall from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., PST, while supplies last.

Align launched in 2015 as a single item, the 25-inch tight to permit yogis to feel light and free while they practice. It has grown to an entire franchise with many products from tops to bottoms, one-pieces to dresses. Today the Align women’s business generates $1 billion in sales, in accordance with Nikki Neuburger, chief brand officer of Lululemon.

Lululemon’s Align leggings.

Based on Neuburger, the explanation for the swap is that they launched the Align ad campaign called “Get Into It” in April, which can proceed through the course of the yr.

“We were really just brainstorming on ways to have more fun, when it comes to activating across the campaign and bringing it to life in a way that guests and consumers can experience it,” she said.

She said the Align franchise is an icon for Lululemon and created the category of leggings. “The texture and quality of the Align pant can’t be matched. Should you’ve worn one, you’ll know, and in the event you haven’t, that’s why we’re doing the dupe swap,” she said.

She said dupe culture took off with Instagram and picked up steam with TikTok. “I feel the team told me there are 3.5 billion hashtags of dupes which say there are other products like this icon but is cheaper or a parody of it. We’re so confident of our quality not being matched, that we thought it could be a extremely fun exercise to play into the cultural context of dupes. We would like people to herald their pair and take a look at on ours, and we’re confident they’ll try on the Align pant and adore it and leave their dupe behind,” she said.

All exchanged dupe products will likely be recycled through Debrand, a textile recycling company that Lululemon has a long-standing partnership with.

Align leggings, which are available in short, 25-inch length, flare and wide leg, retail from $98 to $110. Sizes range from 0 to twenty.

The Align pants are fabricated from proprietary fabric, Nulu, which no other company uses. What they designed for yoga in 1998 has transcended to be worn for all matters of activity. “You’ll see people dress it up and down, for work, we’ve seen kids wearing them to nightclubs, or to Coachella last weekend. We’ve continued to construct and expand on the icon so people can wear them for multiple occasions,” said Neuburger.

She anticipates that they will likely be freely giving 1,000 Align leggings over the course of two days. Although Align leggings are available in a large number of colours, they will likely be freely giving black leggings.

The standards for the swap is the leggings should be non-Lululemon, and there’s a limit of 1 per guest.

Neuburger said Lululemon chosen L.A. for the event because “it’s the hub of this creator culture,” and their ambassador network. Also they are activating this in Shanghai and Seoul.

“L.A. is the one experience in North America. We’re looking forward to more experiences popping up over the course of the yr,” she said.

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