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30 Sep

Olaplex Fights Back Against Dupe Culture With Latest Campaign

Olaplex is setting the record straight with its latest campaign.

The campaign, which kicked off this week with the coordinated unboxing of its No. 3 bond-building treatment rebranded as “Oladupé,” means to catch the eyes of TikTok viewers. The purpose is that given Olaplex‘s myriad patents — north of 150 — the one brand that may effectively dupe Olaplex’s technology, is Olaplex. That time is made when the faux labels on Oladupé products are peeled off to disclose legitimate product.

Consumers haven’t yet caught on. The TikTok hashtag #olaplexdupe has greater than 30 million views on the platform, for instance.

“We’re amongst essentially the most duped hair care brands,” said Olaplex chief executive officer JuE Wong. “We felt this was an opportune time to boost relevance, and it’s a chance for us to coach with somewhat little bit of fun.”

Wong had told WWD previously that the corporate’s top and bottom lines were affected by increased market competition, in addition to misinformation concerning the brand. Now, the corporate is taking back the reins. “We have now 160-plus patents, it is vitally difficult for anyone to dupe us,” Wong said. “The technology is proven, it’s patented, it’s trusted by stylists. We have now to speak, but by not taking ourselves too seriously.”

Olaplex worked with Movers + Shakers, the agency behind many a viral TikTok campaign, for the hassle.

“When you concentrate on Olaplex’s presence it’s good to take a look at the messages which are coming from Olaplex and likewise the community. That’s what creates a number of the presence around Olaplex. It’s some of the talked-about hair care brands, especially on TikTok,” said Geoffrey Goldberg, chief creative officer and cofounder of Movers + Shakers. 

“A giant a part of this campaign is enthusiastic about how we generally is a a part of the conversation, and likewise lead it. We knew there was an enormous conversation happening around dupes, which has just gained a ton of momentum within the last 12 months,” Goldberg continued.

The goal is to solidify Olaplex’s standing as the unique in bond-building technology. “We needed to be sure we were educating people and that’s a fun technique to tackle it: it’s head-turning and unexpected, but we’re also educating people concerning the product and the technology at the identical time,” Goldberg said.

Wong said the campaign marks a pivot within the brand’s overall marketing strategy. “We have now all the time been focused on lower-funnel marketing — ensuring we’re sampling and individuals are converting,” she said. “We now want a totally integrated, full-funnel marketing approach. People have to see us in awareness settings, and once they come right into a physical location, they should be educated. We would like to be sure in our sales and marketing that we not only construct awareness, we educate after which we convert.”

Goldberg added that across the brand landscape, essentially the most successful campaigns are people who capitalize on existing conversations. “We would like a campaign that doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we would like one which exists in culture,” he said. “It’s really successful when it taps right into a creative concept that is vital or emotional for people. Finding a hack or savings is a really emotional thing, and it’s something people wish to create content around.”

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