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5 Sep

Meet Sommetbeauty, Onda Beauty’s Reincarnate – WWD

Onda Beauty’s clean ethos and leadership team are getting recent leases on life — but keeping existing leases on two storefronts.

Jane Fernandez, Onda’s president up until Amyris revealed its closure and Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings last month, has taken over Onda Beauty’s leases in Hampton Bays and TriBeCa. Her brainchild, Sommetbeauty, will present an evolved assortment much like its predecessor’s, focused on clean beauty, with each stores currently open.

“My team and I rallied and said this was such an incredible business, and still was a fantastic business with a fantastic portfolio of brands. It was sufficiently small that I could take it on individually. So I did,” Fernandez told WWD.

She got here up with the name after starting over from scratch. “It’s called Sommetbeauty — ’sommet’ is the French word for summit and we are actually climbing upward,” Fernandez said. “Nevertheless it’s a brand that’ll aid you reach your personal peak. It’s figurative, too.”

Though Fernandez was recent to wash beauty when she arrived at Onda, she’s grow to be a private and skilled devotee to the movement, though Sommetbeauty’s value proposition won’t entirely mirror Onda’s.

“We’re still working on the brand identity and continuing to develop it, but we take inspiration from the European pharmacies where you’ll find some incredible brands, high and low, and that are just fun to buy at,” Fernandez said. “It was all the time necessary for Onda that our aestheticians would prescribe the precise skincare regimen for you, but we’re taking that one step further to develop that as a pillar of the brand identity. We’re going to have prescription pads in store, and something similar online.”

Jane Fernandez

The brand matrix will include previous Onda Beauty brands, along with recent ones and more diversified price points. “It’s in our roots to be a little bit bit more upscale from the Onda days, but that’s to not say that we won’t have entry price points,” she said. “That’s the purpose of the so-called French pharmacy approach. You discover something at an entrypoint, and then you definately upgrade.”

Amongst Sommetbeauty’s brands are Osea, The Outset, Epi.logic, Wonder Valley and Marie Veronique, in keeping with its website.

Sommetbeauty has a landing page on its website, though the e-commerce component remains to be being developed. Fernandez’s big focus is on brick-and-mortar in the meanwhile. “What I learned from Onda, it was form of a race to the underside,” she said, nodding to competitive pricing and an increasingly promotional ecosystem. “I desired to grow to be this marketplace of inspiration, aspiration, exploration, discovery and content to inform these founder stories. I’ve been renegotiating with our vendors and 95 percent are coming aboard this recent iteration. Recent brands are serious about signing with us, too.

“I’m not here to do huge volume plays to begin, but over time, we are going to get to that time,” Fernandez continued.

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