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13 Oct

Naturopathica Plans Store Expansion, Updates Service Menu – WWD

Naturopathica is doubling down on physical expansion and its signature treatments, specifically those for oncology relief.

Through the remainder of the yr, the brand, which just opened its TriBeCa spa on the Nexus Club in Latest York City, is launching a residency spa at The Colony Hotel Palm Beach, highlighting its signature oncology services and inking a treatment partnership with Mount Sinai.  

The high octane, botanical-infused brand, which was founded in 1995 by Barbara Close, has all the time been focused on its physical presence, because it began with a treatment-centric outpost in East Hampton. Early on, Martha Stewart ran a chunk on the brand, leading the business to speed up. Since then, Naturopathica has expanded nationwide. 

Naturopathica East Hampton

“We now are in around 400 locations,” said Cathy O’Brien, who was appointed chief executive officer in August 2022. “We train them on our protocols, the mission and message of Naturopathica, which is the healing power of touch.” 

With this history in mind upon joining the team, O’Brien knew continued physical expansion can be key for the brand’s overall growth. She began by revamping Naturopathica’s Chelsea flagship, and recent locations are on the horizon, too, including a recently opened TriBeCa outpost on the Nexus Club, which can even act as a flagship of sorts. 

“Now we have Chelsea and East Hampton and you may test things there. People can go from place to position,” O’Brien said. “Now, we’ve added TriBeCa, so we have now a triangle of an area where our therapists can go where they’re needed.” 

By way of broader expansion, Naturopathica is trying to spa partnerships. This November, it should hold a residency at The Colony Palm Beach. “It’s easier once you’ve got a base of a couple of location,” O’Brien said, noting the brand is planning to expand in southeastern Florida with one or two spas. “To begin we’ll do partnerships and once we see that we’ve built something for ourselves that is sensible, we’ll do a flagship….The smart technique to develop slow and regular is to nurture the community and the marketplace first to make sure that that individuals are ready.”

Geographically, O’Brien envisions a West Coast outpost in the longer term, and can be Texas, particularly for spa partnerships.

Treatment at Naturopathica.
Treatment at Naturopathica.

With this physical expansion, establishing signature treatments is top of mind.Under O’Brien, Naturopathica has been revamping its service menu to spotlight treatments that were previously more need-to-know or weren’t explicitly marketed.

“We’re specializing in how we got here to be, which is in our treatments,” said the manager. “Our service menu and our treatment menus have expanded to give attention to and include all of this stuff that we do, we’ve all the time done, but people haven’t considered it or talked about it.” 

These menu additions include treatments around specific skin concerns like eczema, psoriasis and get in touch with dermatitis. The brand can be highlighting its oncology services. With the healing power of touch driving the brand’s mission, oncology services have became a key a part of Naturopathica’s business.

“It was a natural extension,” O’Brien said. “The business was not conceived around it, but it surely’s a natural evolution.” 

While up to now such services weren’t necessarily highlighted, because the brand doubles down on its signature treatments, oncology relief is a key differentiator. Naturopathica’s menu now includes an array of services created with wellness providers certified in medical massage and lymphatic take care of patients undergoing or recovering from treatments. Services include Oncology Relief: Body Restore Ritual, $150; Oncology Relief: Complexion Protection Facial, $150; Oncology Relief: Tension Release Scalp Massage, $50; Oncology Relief: The Helping Hands Massage, $50, and Oncology Relief: Soothing Sole Ritual, $50.

To expand the accessibility of those services, Naturopathica hosts training programs biannually for its spa partners, after which they’ll change into certified in oncology treatments from a 3rd party. Moreover, the brand is currently working on a treatment partnership with Mount Sinai’s oncology department, which can roll out later this yr.

Naturopathica East Hampton
Naturopathica East Hampton

For O’Brien, that is a method that may put Naturopathica’s products on the map. 

“When awareness happens, things start to maneuver, product starts to maneuver in a distinct form of way,” she said. “I see the product piece of this business outpacing over time. It could be natural and healthy for the product aspect of the business to outpace the service.”

In line with industry sources, the brand’s current revenue is estimated at $25 million to $30 million annually, and has been experiencing double digit growth this yr.

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