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6 Sep

New Collection FW/23 – Artizan Joyeria Unveils ‘T.R.U

Miami’s iconic jewelry brand, Artizan Joyeria, introduces its latest fall collection: ‘T.R.U

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Stepping into the golden aura of fall, Artizan Joyeria, Miami’s iconic jewelry brand renowned for its bold embrace of individuality, proudly announces the launch of its anticipated fall collection, ‘T.R.U – The Fall Edit.’ Beginning this week, the brand will be introducing a new approach to product launches with a series of exclusive bi-weekly product drops, offering a fresh lens into high fashion at a democratized price.

Embarking on an unparalleled journey, ‘T.R.U – The Fall Edit’ crafts a compelling mosaic of defiant design and rebellious aesthetics. Each piece stands as a genuine testament to a daring dance between elegance and rebellion, crafted with a boldness that summons the spirit of saints and renegades alike. The collection heralds a genuine defiance of the expected, fusing enchanting elegance with a raw, chaotic charm.

Speaking on the inspiration behind this series of product drops, Keren Yoshua, Artizan Joyeria’s creative director, remarks, “In the ‘T.R.U’ series, we’re embracing the transformative power that lies within each of us. We envisioned jewelry that isn’t merely an accessory but an emblem of one’s audacious spirit.”

As we leave summer behind and the cool air of autumn sets in, Artizan Joyeria invites the public to immerse in this refreshing and unique experience. Starting next Thursday, the ‘T.R.U – The Fall Edit’ series will be available exclusively at artizanjoyeria.com.

About Artizan Joyeria

Artizan Joyeria is a Miami-based jewelry brand known for its commitment to empowering individuality and defying conventions. Established in 2008, the brand has focused on creating unique, high-quality jewelry pieces that inspire and encourage women to embrace their unapologetically authentic selves. Using exceptional quality materials and designs, Artizan Joyeria seeks to make luxury accessible to all, fostering a strong connection with its customers and continuing to grow and evolve as a beloved brand in the industry.


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