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6 Sep

Ilia Beauty Partners With Art Gallery Tappan Collective for

Ilia Beauty is tapping into the art scene because it introduces a latest launch coming next 12 months, the Eye Stylus Shadow Stick.

Founder Sasha Plavsic is celebrating artistry while giving back. The brand has commissioned three artists — Brianna Lance, Satsuki Shibuya and Jaimie Milner — to reimagine the sweetness item in partnership with Tappan Collective.

“I actually love the artists that they find and the way they showcase them. I feel they do beautiful storytelling,” Plavsic said of Chelsea Neman Nassib’s gallery, which began as a web based platform before opening its first space in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue.

The artwork — two paintings and a photograph — can be auctioned, with proceeds benefiting Heart of Los Angeles’ art program, which provides after-school academics and activities for underserved kids.

Painting by Brianna Lance for Ilia Beauty x Tappan Collective.

Courtesy of Brianna Lance

“I’ve all the time had an appreciation for design and art,” said Plavsic.

Her late father was an architect, she explained, and would often take her on museum visits during their international travels. “I used to be really lucky when he was alive to have that exposure.”

Plavsic, originally from Vancouver, is making her love of art known. She’s been inspired by the craft since day one, she said. (Founded in 2011, Ilia Beauty was acquired by Famille C, the owner of French cosmetics group Clarins, a decade later.)

“If I didn’t go and explore creativity, or go after what I discovered really resonated with me, writing and design, I wouldn’t be where I’m today,” she said of her early years.

Art is a brand pillar, she added: “A number of the design within the brand and all the pieces is influenced by art. And so, it was really vital to begin taking a look at where we will find opportunities there.”

She became conversant in Tappan Collective after purchasing a chunk by Shibuya.

“She does beautiful watercolor,” said Plavsic. “And quite a lot of the tones which are reflected in her work and even in Brianna Lance, who does more abstract surrealist, I might say are reflective of among the tones now we have in our launch for Eye Stylus. And that was inspired by art.”

The shadow sticks, which have an angled tip, take influence from Baroque paintings, including Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting.

“We pulled shades from there,” said Plavsic. “A number of the greens that you simply see are coming from that painting. The feel, we felt prefer it really resembled the finish of an oil painting.”

They might be layered, she went on, “You possibly can have little accents and pops of color just like how you’ll construct a painting.”

Priced at $32, the sticks are available 20 shades and two finishes, each matte and shimmer. They’re formulated with “Upcycled Grape Extract,” sourced from Italy, which helps reduces positive lines over time, in line with the brand.

“To me, what’s really vital, no less than in only this collaboration, is to feature up-and-coming artists and have them have a moment to have fun their work and have a little bit of a voice on the market,” said Plavsic.

The founder has more releases coming out next 12 months, she revealed, including a face milk.

“There’s a pair other face milks available on the market, but ours we feel is pretty different in texture…It’s very dense but totally light and refreshing on the skin,” she said, adding, “There’s an enormous launch coming within the back half of spring which we’ve been working on for some time and there can be quite a lot of shades.”

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