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12 Sep

Our Honest Review of KVD Vegan Beauty’s Reformulated Liquid

There are various ways to explain beauty products — decent, good, great, and amazing are only a couple of — but arguably the last word honor (besides being named an Allure Better of Beauty winner) is when a product is heralded as a cult classic. It is not a title bestowed on many beauty products, reserved just for those special ones that retain their popularity yr after yr after yr. They’re the antithesis of the viral trend category that seems to dominate our screens increasingly often. 

However the ever-moving cycle and constant innovation of the sweetness industry signifies that a lot of these fan favorites will undergo reformulations or, even worse, be discontinued — to the frustration of many fans. It’s currently happening to the product formerly generally known as Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick within the dusty, rosy mauve shade Lolita. As of August, your entire Everlasting lipstick line has been replaced with the brand’s (now KVD Vegan Beauty) latest Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick

KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Hyperlight Liquid Lipstick

Let’s back up for a second: Kat Von D Beauty became KVD Vegan Beauty in 2020 after the brand’s founder, Kat Von D, stepped away to deal with other projects. The brand is now solely-owned by Kendo. On the time of the transition, the parent company claimed the prevailing Kat Von D products would not be modified. Greater than two years later, that is the primary reformulation of a classic product from the brand thus far. 

In response to an August press release from KVD Vegan Beauty, the brand new formula continues to be liquid, still matte, and still long-lasting. The brand tells Allure via an announcement that it wanted the upgraded lipsticks to have a “more comfort and a hyper-lightweight feel” while continuing to be transfer-proof and long-lasting, two qualities fans loved concerning the original lipstick. 

To be clear, the shade formerly generally known as Lolita continues to be in the road, it just now goes by the name Queen of Poisons. Not all the prevailing shades were so lucky: Of the 21 shades in the brand new collection, 12 are brand latest colours and nine are reformulations of old ones. All nine reformulations have latest names, including Torch Ginger (née A-Go-Go) and Moon Flower (née Lolita II). But certain other fan favorites, including Bow n Arrow and Ludwig, didn’t make it into the brand new line in any respect… no less than not yet. 

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