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6 Oct

Property Power Players: A Look At A few of

By now we all know that real estate is a key technique to construct great wealth.

What may surprising is how heavily celebrities are leaning into the industry to amass even more cash on top of what they’ve earned in entertaining the masses.

Increasingly more, we’re see more public figures leaning towards house flipping reasonably than ownership, since it’s not only profitable, it’s enjoyable. Celebs like Queen Latifah and Shaq have spoken publicly about how much joy they’ve gotten in developing a property and watching it grow of their portfolio. And this isn’t reserved only for the super wealthy.

The typical real estate investor salary hovers between $70,000 and $124,000, based on Motley Idiot.

So, when you’re fascinated about diving into real estate investment, listed below are a number of celebs which have made some smart deals that you could draw inspiration from.

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