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26 Dec

Remember Johan Lindeberg? Just Call Him Jay3lle

Just call him Jay3lle.

Pronounced jay-elle, that’s the brand new name by which Johan Lindeberg will now be known.

On Thursday, the Swedish designer and photographer, who cut his teeth at Diesel before creating the J.Lindeberg and Blk Dnm brands, said that he’ll now be known professionally as Jay3lle.  

“It has been complicated to make use of my personal name in my creative work when my name is on a brand I’m not involved with,” he said. “I actually have found a latest freedom in Jay3lle: a latest name and the start of a latest chapter of my profession.”

Reached at his design studio outside Stockholm, the designer added: “It’s time for a latest chapter. I’m not involved in J.Lindeberg or Blk Dnm and it seems like the suitable time to take every thing to the following level.”

Making a brand under this latest name, he said, provides him with the “creative freedom” he’s been missing. “It feels powerful to have a latest identity. It’s like an alter-ego, which is definitely quite common for artists.”

The Jay3elle design studio will allow him to tackle projects and collaborations without restrictions, he continued. As well as, he plans to design high-end luxury items in small quantities down the road.

He expects to spend the vast majority of his time within the U.S., where his daughter Blue lives and where he has homes in Recent York and Los Angeles. But he will even retain his studio and farm in Sweden.

“I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and created three brands. But it is a latest platform for creative freedom that may allow me to let loose the energy flowing through me and encourage people,” he said. “That’s what I like.”

As Johan Lindeberg, he served because the marketing director of Renzo Rosso’s Diesel brand, helping to construct the business within the ’90s and launch it within the U.S. He left Diesel in 1996 to form J.Lindeberg, among the many first collections to bring a designer sensibilities to golf wear. After exiting the brand in 2007 following creative differences with the board of directors, Lindeberg worked as a stylist for Justin Timberlake and helped create the William Rast brand just because the premium denim market was blossoming. In 2010, he created Blk Dnm before exiting that brand to concentrate on his work as a photographer. He returned to J.Lindeberg to work as a creative consultant for 2 years in 2016 and 2017 before returning to Stockholm to reposition Blk Dnm. Since then he has worked as a consultant for Pernod Ricard to support its Martell, Glenlivet and Avion tequila brands. He has also been creative director throughout the launch of Absolut Elyx.

Since 2012, the J.Lindeberg brand has been owned by Anders Holch Povlsen, Dan Friis and Allan Warburg of the Bestseller group. Starting in 2020, the brand has been designed by Neil Lewty, an English native whose résumé includes senior head of design for Hugo Boss Sportswear, design director of menswear for Tommy Hilfiger and head of menswear design for Bamford & Sons. Sales for the brand in fiscal 2021 were 827 Swedish kronos, or around $80 million, for the core line and the corporate is projecting that number to leap to 1200 kronos this yr. Its chief executive officer of Hans-Christian Meyer.

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