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3 May

Ritual’s Recent Skin Care Complement Hydrates From the Inside

Ritual is entering the wonder category with its first skin care-focused complement, called HyaCera, $54. 

The brand new product comes because the complement market continues to grow, alongside interest in beauty ingestibles. In line with Mintel, the U.S. complement market is anticipated to grow to about $45 billion by 2027, driven by consumer interest in benefit-focused products — including probiotics or skin health options.

Ritual’s in-house insights team has seen this demand from consumers, because it recently launched its Synbiotic+, $54, and is now entering the skincare category, in keeping with the brand.

“Besides gut health, it’s [skin supplement] — the highest thing that our customers want Ritual to make,” said founder and chief executive officer Katerina Schneider.

To start formulating a skincare complement, Schneider explained the Ritual team began researching clinically tested ingredients before landing on Hyabest, a lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and Ceratiq, a phytoceramide and lipid wealthy oil. Ritual uses the clinically studied dosage of each ingredients within the HyaCera formula. As with all of its products, the brand used traceable ingredients, which might be tracked on Ritual’s website.

“We checked out the research, the info and clinical studies around these two ingredients and we felt really convinced that we could create a product targeting a necessity state that was really essential for our customer, which was around hydration and high quality lines and wrinkles,” Schneider told WWD.

Research also shows that services and products that treat signs of aging proceed to rise. In line with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, filler procedures have continued to extend and patients are starting treatments at a younger age. Schneider explained HyaCera is a direct response to consumer demand for preventative products.

Ritual’s HyaCera employs a nested capsule to make sure ingredient integrity and efficacy.

Toby Pederson Inc.

Looking forward, Ritual is doubling down on its essentials, just like the multivitamins, and its enhancers, like HyaCera. Schneider noted the brand has more products coming with specific use cases and advantages.

While the brand declined to share estimated sales projections, it did share that it had amassed $100 million in net sales in 2021, and its recent Synbiotic+ launch generated several million dollars in revenue inside a few months. The brand expects HyaCera to perform similarly.

HyaCera is now available on Ritual’s website and can soon be available on Amazon.

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