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27 May

Seven Hair Removal Tools For Summer – WWD

With summer on the horizon, hair removal is top of mind for a lot of. 

And as people draw back from expensive hair removal tactics because of rising inflation, they’re turning to at-home treatments, research from Mintel and McKinsey & Co shows. Dermaplaning and sugaring, for instance, are gaining traction on social media.

Modern hair removal has also become a creative outlet — young persons are taking the chance to showcase their individuality through tailoring their body hair, intentionally removing certain areas but not others, in response to Mintel.

The #HairRemoval hashtag on TikTok alone has garnered greater than 8 billion views. And data from Afterpay shows that buyers are more concerned with at-home options with shaving and waxing growing nearly 450 percent and 250 percent year-over-year, respectively. 

With this in mind and summer quickly approaching, brands like Schick and Athena Club are bringing recent products to market, every little thing from wax rollers to hair removal creams.

Here, seven recent options for convenient, at-home hair removal. 

Hydro Silk Easy Control Sugar Wax Roller, $10 

Somewhat than rolling sugar wax and applying along with your fingertips, this recent tool from Schick does the give you the results you want. Simply microwave the tool, roll on and wax away with one among the reusable strips. The sugar wax is formulated with calendula, which is supposed to assuage skin and stop irritation. 

Nair Prep and Smooth Face Hair Remover, $10 

Nair has been used for a long time, however the brand is having fun with a resurgence with greater than 900 million views on its hashtag on TikTok. In relation to hair removal creams, the cruel smell generally is a deterrent, but this recent facial option is available in soothing scents like coconut.

Athena Club On the Spot Wax Strip Kit, $10 each 

Somewhat than applying wax and strips, these face and body options from Athena Club do it multi function: just apply, rip away and finish it off with the post-wax wipes and skin-calming serum. 

Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream, $9 

Dermatologist tested, this suede- and iris-scented cream gently removes body hair in under 10 minutes. Flamingo also offers one other formula specifically for facial hair. 

Philips Bikini Trimmer Series 2000, $40 

With epilators, razors and trimmers, Philips is not any stranger to hair removal, but this recent compact set is designed to travel. It comes with six detachable heads in order that it could possibly be used for body and facial hair on-the-go. 

Leaf Shave Dermaplaner, $39

Dermaplaning has taken hold on Tiktok, with 3.6 billion views on the hashtag. Content creators recommend using the tool to remove facial hair, peach fuzz and dead skin to permit skincare products to sink in and create a smoother base for makeup. Apply an oil before for an excellent shave.

Conair Girlbomb Rechargeable Epilator, $60

Epilators are trending, as data from Afterpay shows they’ve grown greater than 70 percent year-over-year. This cordless, rechargeable option from Conair employs 40 tiny tweezers to remove body hair from the foundation, allowing for smoother skin and slower regrowth. It also comes with an adjustable ice rolling attachment (seen above) to assuage the skin during treatments.

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