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10 Dec

Shay Mitchell Talks Diamonds, Drama and Big Trouble

From its famed blue boxes to references in music and media, Tiffany & Co. is one of the vital recognized jewelry brands on the earth. A lot so the brand helped to encourage Prime Video’s recent holiday romantic comedy, “Something From Tiffany’s.”

Shay Mitchell in “Something From Tiffany’s” on Prime Video.

Erin Simkin/© 2022 Amazon Conte

The film, which was released on Prime Video on Friday, tells the story of an accidental jewelry swap with similar Tiffany & Co. bags that ends in one man’s engagement ring getting replaced with a pair of diamond earrings. As he attempts to get it back from one other couple, all of their relationships are tested as they work out who and what is correct for them.

Zoey Deutch, Shay Mitchell, Kendrick Sampson and Ray Nicholson star within the film.

Shay Mitchell in Something From Tiffanys on Prime Video.

(L-R): Shay Mitchell as Vanessa, Kendrick Sampson as Ethan and Leah Jeffries as Daisy in “Something From Tiffany’s.”

Erin Simkin/© 2022 Amazon Content Services LLC

Mitchell spoke with WWD about her role within the film, when she first fell in love with Tiffany & Co., and if she still thinks diamonds are a woman’s best friend.

WWD: What drew you to “Something From Tiffany’s” as a project?

Shay Mitchell: It’s a fun romantic comedy set within the backdrop of Recent York City around the vacations. The solid and script were great, and I used to be so excited to play this character.

WWD: What was your experience with romantic comedies before this movie?

S.M.: I’ve at all times been a fan of romantic comedies. They’re fun, easy to observe and have a bunch of snickers in them. We could use more romantic comedies.

Shay Mitchell in Something From Tiffanys on Prime Video.

Shay Mitchell as Vanessa in “Something From Tiffany’s.”

Erin Simkin/© 2022 Amazon Conte

WWD: You’re known for more dramatic roles, equivalent to “Pretty Little Liars.” Do you are feeling doing comedies helps push you as an actor in your ability to do different genres and tackle various kinds of roles?

S.M.: Absolutely. Prior to “Something From Tiffany’s,” I used to be also on a show on Hulu called “Dollface,” which was very comedy-driven. I had a lot fun working on that show, and comedy is a unique sort of skill, however it’s something I enjoy doing.

WWD: Despite a few of the challenges your character Vanessa faces in her romantic life within the movie, how do you’re thinking that her and Kendrick Sampson’s character Ethan got here to think they were even right for one another to start with of the movie?

S.M.: They were each in the identical city and so they had quite a lot of similarities. The thing is, in a relationship those things can change. If you happen to really know what you should do together with your life and where you should find yourself, when it comes time to make a sacrifice for any individual, that makes it clear to each people whether that person is price it or not.

WWD: Going into your prep work for crafting Vanessa’s back story, what are belongings you were hoping would translate for the audience that weren’t necessarily said or spelled out?

S.M.: In quite a lot of romantic comedies, there’s often an evil person or a villain. I don’t think this film has one in all those. Vanessa may be very determined and knows what she wants, where she desires to be and the life she desires to live out. I actually admire her for that. Some might think she doesn’t have as glad as an ending as the opposite characters, but I feel like she did. I actually admire who she is. Someone who goes for what they need is to be admired.

WWD: This film features one of the vital iconic jewelry brands on the earth. How old were you whenever you first learned about Tiffany & Co. jewelry?

S.M.: I used to be in highschool, and everybody was obsessive about the Tiffany heart tag bracelet. I never personally had one unfortunately, but I did love them on the time. That was my introduction to Tiffany & Co.

WWD: Do you’ve gotten any Tiffany & Co. pieces now?

S.M.: Yes, one in all my gifts from working on “Pretty Little Liars” was a hoop from Tiffany’s from one in all our producers.

WWD: What could be your dream Tiffany & Co. purchase?

S.M.: If Tiffany & Co. was listening right away and I could suggest something, I’d love an Elsa Perreti silver bracelet.

WWD: Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Agree or disagree?

S.M.: Agree. It’s my birthstone.

WWD: Let’s talk in regards to the early production of the film. How did you initially get solid within the movie?

S.M.: My agent brought this project to me. The timing was perfect. I used to be pregnant once we were shooting this film, but because we shot in winter, I used to be wearing sweaters, coats and jackets that concealed my pregnancy. The whole lot worked out well with shooting in winter.

I’ve been big fans of Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson prior to this film, so I used to be excited to come back on board. This film was Reese Witherspoon’s project together with her company Hello Sunshine, and she or he’s someone I love as a businesswoman and activist. The whole lot got here together so concurrently well.

WWD: Was it earlier in your pregnancy whenever you were filming?

S.M.: I used to be six months pregnant once we initially shot the film, and the reshoots were even later. I used to be around eight months along once we were doing reshoots, and I said if we leave it one other month there’s no more hiding this pregnancy. This was my second child, so this time around, I knew what to anticipate.

WWD: So, a recent baby and a recent movie this yr. What else can we expect from you coming up in 2023?

S.M.: I recently shot something unscripted that I’m producing and hosting, that I’ll give you the chance to share more about closer to summer of 2023. I even have my two firms, Beis and Onda. I call Beis my first baby. It’s my travel and luxury brand. We at the moment are 4 years old. We provide every thing from weekender bags to suitcases. It’s every thing you would wish on the go from grocery bags to gym bags. Anytime you permit the home, we’ve got you covered.

Onda is my ready-to-drink tequila seltzer. I like doing things so I can learn more about them. Tequila is my favorite drink, and I desired to create a beverage that was accessible to tackle the go along with great ingredients. My entrepreneurial side is something I actually rejoice with off camera.

WWD: Describe your personal style for me?

S.M.: At all times evolving, depending on mood and I hate being hot. I’d relatively be cold wrapped in coats than hot.

“Something From Tiffany’s” is now streaming on Prime Video.

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